Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cabin Fever Creativity Link-Up (round 2)

2 years ago I hosted a little crafting link-up here on el bloggo, it was so fun to see how much talent so many ladies have, either in the sewing realm, or just putting really fun, nifty home decor together realm and I loved it. Therefore, because it is winter and I need something to do to brighten my days, I am doing it again. Also utilizing my very shoddy sewing abilities is something I do a lot every year around this time, because again, it is winter, it is depressing and I need something to brighten my days and starting and completing a little project, even if it is lame (it always is) and having an end result to look at just makes me happy.

Sure, you might say "Ana, couldn't cleaning your house accomplish that same thing?" To which I would respond, "yes, but it's cleaning, so no"

And you might be thinking "I make babies, that's creative enough", and i totally agree, but unfortunately that process takes significantly longer than sewing a pillow case or spray painting a table, so this is something for those in between times.

Whether it's an old post, or whether you make it into a new blog post, either way just link it up! Whether it's really awesome or really stupid (see below project) just link it up! It may be the most fabulous homemade kitchen set south of the Mississippi, or it may just be a really lame hair clip, it might be an adorable thrifted piece of wall decor that you spray painted, or might just be a stupid altered pair of jeans, or it might be super cute home made burp clothes, or simply a really quick and easy skirt alteration. Whatevaaaa!! Link it! I love it all!

Here are some of my very favs from last link-up:
Christy's adorable crocheted heart garland
Micheles wonderful "busy bag" crafts
Lisa's hilariously awesome knitted monsters (come back to blogging, Lisa!!)
Kate and her AMAZING sewing skills (she won the giveaway, I was so impressed)
Dwija and her so so SOOOO practical and crafty purse insert
Anne and her very impressive reupholstered chairs
And of course Heather and the most amazing coffee creamer snowman, which I actually won in her giveaway and she sent to  me filled with loads of candy for the girls (but I ate it all) and so many other goodies including home made play dough that we kept and played with until it molded. It was all very fun and wonderful.
That is just to name a few, go through the link list to see all the very inspiring craftiness

This time around I think  I'll just keep the link-up going throughout the month of February and maybe feature some favorites here on the blog every once and a while.

And just to further reassure you that no matter how silly or shoddy you think your project is, it's worth doing and linking up, behold a recent spur of the moment creation of mine, it should make you feel better about any and everything you've ever created:

A few years ago we bought a $30 couch and love seat set at a church rummage sale and it came with some giant ugly pillows which matched the horrible print of the couches that we promptly put slip covers on. But the pillows were too enormous and unruly to cover and use so we put them in storage and I recently found them and decided that they should be used to something. I happened to be wanting to either make or buy some sort of giant reading pillow chair things for the girls' room, so that's what I decided they would be for- here's how it went down:

I happened to have a plain white new before used twin bed sheet from the Walmart that was living under my bed, and I only needed the one twin sheet to cover all 4 pillows.

Step one: fold a bunch of fabric around 2 pillows length wise and cut it
Step 2: cut random shape (I chose heart) out of random remnant fabric and sew it anywhere on the white fabric (I tried to make it look like a heart shaped throw pillow)
Step 3: Sew down the side
Step 4: Sewed it closed on one end,
Step 5: Shove both pillows in,
Step 6: Sew a stitch between the pillows
Step 7: Sew the entire thing shut on the other end

And voila:

 Not at all Pinterest worthy, but totally functional.
This one really showcases (or pillowcases, HA!) how messed up my heart shapes turned out, but that just makes them fit in with the typically messed-up room all the more.


  1. Right there with you on how it "could" be cleaning but that would be kind of awful because... it's cleaning!

  2. Oh Ana those pillows are DARLING! And you're giving me a wicked thrift craving right now...

  3. Yippee! So glad you're doing this again!!!!...because I need one more reason besides cabin fever, three kids under three, a teething baby, no adult convos alll craft. You know me. :)

  4. Those pillow chairs are awesome. I just tagged you on a pic on my IG feed...something I crafted over the weekend.

  5. I think your pillows are adorable. If I locate a shred of creativity in my gestating body, I will link up :)

  6. I love your pillows!!! And thanks for the shout out!!! I've already got plans for this year's link-up. ;-)

  7. I love your pillows!!! And thanks for the shout out!!! I've already got plans for this year's link-up. ;-)

  8. Those look so cute- I love the hearts!! What a fun little reading spot. :)

  9. I'm making flannel receiving blankets today as shower gifts. A yard each of two kinds of flannel, making thread, and embroidery floss. I've also used cotton on one side to have a cool side for summer. Put the two fabrics right sides together, sew around three sides and part of the fourth. Leave about six inches for turning. Turn and poke out corners. Here i iron the whole thing which helps it smooth out. Sew up the six inch hole. Use the matching colored thread to sew a border around the whole thing, about two inches from the edge. Then i use the embroidery floss to make ties in the middle. This helps it to not come apart in the wash. Pretty and easy!