Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Too Much Talking (now with Lucy!)

Bernadette: Mom, I just want to go to Italy so much!
Ana: Oh really? What place in Italy do you want to go to the most?
Bernadette: Ummm... the living room!

Coming out during "rest time":
Bernadette: Mama...? I've slepen some, really I have...
Ana: You have to stay in for 15 for more minutes
Bernadette: How about "FIFTEEN TWO", that's the same as 15 minutes.
Ana: deal

Recounting her baby doll play for me:
Bernadette: My baby just took a violent nap!

Bernadette: Uh, mom?
Ana: yes?
Bernadette: If you were arrested, about how long do you think you would need to go to jail for?
Ana: ...

While working with Naomi during lesson time:
Ana: Print the word "miss"
Bernadette (interjecting): Oh yes, like if you said "excuse me MISS Adult Bernadette, can you please get me a glass of wine???

Bernadette: Mom, when I marry, will you be there?
Me: Yes
Bernadette: And will Daddy be there?  And Naomi and Lucy and Joseph?
Me: Yes
Bernadette: Well, then I just have to get my husband ready then!

Bernadette: Mom, when will I get my husband?
Me: Well, you have to meet him and date him first.
Bernadette: When did you date daddy?
Me: um, when I was...
Bernadette: 8?!?!

Overheard from the other room, Bernadette, while in perfect health, talking to Naomi:
Bernadette: I am just really sick
Naomi: oh, really?
Bernadette: Yes, I have a horrible headache and a cold and a tummy ache
Naomi: oh
Bernadette: But if you could just give me something, really special, I might feel better. 

And of course, Lucy has joined the ranks of non-stop talkers.

Lucy (walking up to me while I do dishes): Hi sweet grail!
Me: Hi Lucy
Lucy: No, I'm mama.
Me: Oh, hi mom
Lucy: Wha you fink sweet grail?

Any time I participate in responses during Mass:
Lucy (putting her hand over my mouth): ssshhhhh! WHISPERD!

Lucy (walking up and getting really close and personal with me while I was nursing Joseph): she's the biting your neck?
Me: what?
Lucy: Is she just biting your neck? 


  1. So many things here. Bernadette is huge and also looks like a different kid. More like her big sister these days? Also, after saying this about two of your children, I'm realizing that maybe I just need to get out of my house more often in the winter and get around the block for visits. "Get me a glass of wine" = hilarious. We also have a little "grail" around here who asks about your "grails" all the time (see above). And, finally, I love that Joseph is a she. At least he can feel like part of the club. xo

  2. THESE are a riot!!!! Oh my word. I do posts like this for my kids too. It's just too funny not to share!!! Makes our momma worlds go round!!!

  3. I love your blog! I just finished reading it aloud to my 5 year old girl since she insisted after seeing little faces on it. She laughed so hard and wanted more. Thank you for brightening our day in the Mariana Islands. God bless your sweet family.

  4. So funny! I should write down what my kids say so I remember they're funny too :)

  5. Haha...oh my goodness! Lucy is one funny "grail"!

  6. Haha...oh my goodness! Lucy is one funny "grail"!

  7. ROFL! This made my day. Seriously. Thank you so much for sharing. :0) :0) :0)

  8. Omg "well I just have to get my husband ready then!" lololol The rest time dialogue sounds very familiar...