Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday wins

Monday, Monday, Monday. Need I say more?

What if I just ended the post there? That would be great.

But really, it was such a Monday. Mike's dad was here for the weekend it was lovely, too lovely I think. Of course I got approximately zero pictures, but suffice it to say that this morning had no chance to compete with the great times from Friday to Sunday. Even so, it could have at least tried.

The kids all came down with a little plague of a cold this past week and it really wasn't that bad- because it wasn't throw up or any other bodily excrement- however it has taken Lucy down to China Town and has even had the nerve to infect my sweetest of all the sweet babies. Sorry, he's kind of my favorite right now.

Anyways, I woke up overstimulated- I mean really, even the lights got on my nerves from the moment I made an exodus from the soft confines of my precious bedsheets. Lucy and her wretched fever-cold keep on waking me up at ungodly hours and keeping up and even though this morning she went back to sleep, I decided to attempt my one-- count it one-- Lenten resolution to get up a few minutes before the kids and pray. So I did, and I had really high hopes that it would help me to overcome all my other tendencies to scream at anything breathing to leave me alone. It might have helped a little, but mostly I just hid from them.

Bernadette decided that today she would only ask me for things leading with an overly dramatic, semi-whine-yell of "MOM!?!?". All day. Every request.

"Yes, Bernadette?"
"Can I have some water"

"WHAT... I mean what, Bernadette?"
"Can I have a piece of cantaloupe?"

"I need to poop"
no one can find me because I am balled up in a corner rocking back and fourth.

Between the incessant screaming of my name, the all out sprints from one end of the house to the other, the 30 minute tantrums on the floor, the snot, the screaming, the fighting, and the fact that every room of the house looked like the aftermath of a hurricane, I was done by 1.

I never really leave the house with all four kids ever anymore, so you know it's a rough day when all five of us are suited up and in the car for a Costco trip just to make sure that mom doesn't lose it entirely. I was also dying to try their churros, which did not deliver like I thought they would, go figure. But it sure did deliver in its promise of being something other than the walls of this house, of which I am starting to memorize every single dust speck, dirt smudge, and food splatter that I pass every day without bothering to remove.

You win, Monday. You always do.


  1. The best part of my day was when the 2-year-old got annoyed that I had removed the cups from the bathroom and so decided to use the toilet paper roll to drink water from the sink. And didn't understand why she ended up with wet toilet paper in her mouth. And then did it AGAIN with the BRAND NEW TOILET PAPER ROLL. I just... It baffles me. THERE IS A HOLE IN THE BOTTOM HOW COULD YOU THINK THAT IS A CUP???


  2. Y'all are awesome! I just love knowing that I'm not alone, and I mean that in the most sisterhood sort of way. Thanks for keeping the spirits high! We call Monday our Hangover Day…I know, so inappropriate, but that partyin' with the family all weekend hits the lonely hotel bright and early on Mondays. Sending prayers for good health!

  3. Screw Mondays. All of them. Especially today's Monday. Ugh, she was mean.

  4. Ooooh, the overly dramatic whine to introduce every. Single. Request! My 4yo is a big fan of that one. Somehow that tone of voice erases every last ounce of patience and gentleness I (barely) have. Gah!

    Yesterday hit my 2yo particularly hard. He was mad because he was hungry and wanted waffles. Then he was screaming because I made him waffles. Then he wouldn't eat his waffles because I had touched them. But he wanted waffles. Etc.

  5. Oh Mondays.... I could have titled a post from yesterday. "Mondays... You make me want to fall flat on my face"

  6. I know. Why aren't their churros better? They make a mean hot dog.

  7. The churros are terrible. And two is the worst age. Scream-whining gets me every time and I've been meditating in the mornings too (while the dog licks my hand the entire two minutes) and I just say "calm" over and over again. It does not work, but it makes me feel like I'm trying.

  8. Blerg. Yesterday and last Monday are tied for worst. Sounds like it's going around. How's Tuesday working out for you?

  9. In my house, it's the two-syllable "Mo-om" that gets under my skin and drives me to the brink of my sanity. "Mo-om, can you wipe me?!?" "Mo-om, he's touching me!" "Mo-om, he took my legos!" Oh for the love of everything, leave me alone!