Friday, October 16, 2015

the cure for the food blues

I would say that at least once a month or so I hit a wall with food. One of the hardest things about being a mom (for me) is the pressure to not only feed my children to keep them alive, as if that were not enough of a job in itself-- let's be honest, cereal for breakfast and lunch and McDonalds for dinner could keep them living and breathing. But then there is the pressure to feed them healthy food, and healthy food that you do not have to strap them down and force them to eat using a variety of empty threats and over-exaggerated incentives. Wait, you've never done that? Me neither... ahem.

Moving on.

Occasionally I will find a healthy recipe that my kids love, and I will make it 17 times in one month and basically beat it to death and no one will ever want it again. I enjoy cooking, I don't think I am entirely terrible at it, but I do not enjoy the difficulty of finding and continuing to find new and creative recipes. That is why I am very, very thankful for today's post sponsors- Blue Apron!!, who came to my aid just when I needed them this month and got my creative juices (as well as lots of chicken juices) flowing and got me thinking outside the culinary box for future meal planning.

My girls kept saying that these were "just like chicken nuggets!!", the most ironic compliment there could be, but coming from them it was the highest praise.

I have talked before about my inability to make not-horribly-dry chicken. I am really bad at it. And another thing I am awful at is making breaded chicken where the breading doesn't all fall off or taste terrible.

However, I had never tried making breaded chicken using anything other than the egg-dipped method, until this meal. Their recipe called for dipping the chicken in a mixture of Greek yogurt and water, into some super tasty, all natural spices, and then into the Panko and I have never ever seen bread crumbs adhere so beautifully. (Using a non-stick skillet is key, when I tried to re-create the recipe not using one, they did not stay on as well)

Also, I have never had such a tasty honey-mustard dressing in all my life.

And as always, they come to the veggie rescue with a delicious salad, subduing all my mom guilt and making me feel all healthy-like.

In case you missed it in any of my previous posts:
+ Blue Apron is a meal service which delivers farm fresh, pre-proportioned ingredients to your front door. No meal planning, NO GROCERY TRIPS!!!

+ They offer a 2-Person Plan and a Family Plan- the family plan feeds a family of four, with the cost per person at around $8.74

+There is no commitment and you can always cancel the service at any time.

+ All the recipes are between 500-700 calories per person

+ Suppliers are all locally sourced, did I mention the ingredients are so very farm fresh?

+ They deliver in an impressive refrigerated box that would keep your food cold for quite a while if you're not there when it arrives.

+They've also just begun a wonderful recycling program that offers users the option to re-use their packaging if there aren't recycling options in their area. They boxes are, of course, 100% recyclable, but just like the variety of meals they've got, they have recycling options for you too!

And, once again, because they are the best ever, Blue Apron is offering the first 25 readers 2 meals of their first Blue Apron order for FREE, just click HERE!


  1. Ohhhh...I struggle so much with meal planning! Signed up for their weekly inspiration just now!

  2. Ohhhh...I struggle so much with meal planning! Signed up for their weekly inspiration just now!

  3. I, too, struggle with meal planning. My husband is always telling me just to find 10 things I make well and rotate through those. That sounds easy enough but over the last 10 years, I've only found a few things that taste good and I can make well. Meanwhile I just keep trying new recipes but none of them seem to be keepers. I keep thinking I need to give Blue Apron a try!

  4. Ana, that meal looks scrumptious!

  5. Pick me! I am also in that bored rut. I like to read other people's ideas and wish I could just copy their grocery list, however there are always so many little things to change for our tastes that it ends up being the same amount of work. If only someone with exactly the same preferences would write a month long menu post for me.

  6. I really don't want to be the only grumpy pants who comments here, but I just feel like I have to. Blue Apron sounds lovely, and I'd consider redeeming the free offer but I have tried it before on other blogs and it just didn't work. I was asked to give payment information and commit to purchasing a meal before it would redeem the free code. And truly, I don't think Blue Apron is sustainable long term due to the cost. Thanks to Sheena at Bean in Love, I discovered eMeals and we love it. It would be nice to get the food delivered but the cost is just not worth a visit to the grocery store. Glad you are reaping the benefits, though!