Sunday, June 19, 2016

happy father's day

She's fresh out of the hospital and fraught with all sorts of excitement over not being pregnant and drowning in new-baby hormones, someone get that keyboard away from her...

Seriously though, I'm feeling all sentimental and overflowing with gratitude this father's day, and since I'm following Blythe's advice and mostly staying in bed, what better time than now to post a little tribute to the main father in my life, the one who just helped me birth him another son, the best man I know, the best father I know.
           ^baby Joe

Before we had our first baby, I loved him, but since knowing your husband before he's a dad and knowing him after is like being introduced to a whole other person, I just had no idea how much becoming parents would cause our love to grow, and how much more I could fall for him.
   ^baby Naomi

I remember him saying- in the days following Naomi's birth- that while he was in class during day and away from her, he felt like he had a crush on someone that he could not wait to get to see later- it was the cutest thing ever.
    ^baby Lucy

He lays down his life for us daily, sacrificing constantly to care for me and our children. He is a firm disciplinarian, but still manages to be the "fun parent", the one who can always make them laugh.

    ^Naomi & baby Bernadette

On Thursday when they placed little Fred on my chest I saw his eyes light up the exact same way they did when our very first baby was placed there- he has such intense and beautiful love for each of his children, and I am the luckiest woman ever to have him as my husband and their dad.

  ^baby Freddie

Happiest Father's Day to you, Mike! (you're also the hottest dad out there, hands down ;) )


  1. Good luck! You both take the cake for most-number-of-children (that I 'know'), so you must be outstanding ones to still be smiling! :-)