Thursday, September 21, 2017

spastic seven

Linking up with Kelly early thanks to my wackadoo body clock that woke me at 4:45 today. I am on my 3rd giant cup of coffee before 7 a.m. These should be interestingly spastic.

Week 3 of school is done and that is just a tad bizarre to me because... wait for it... I DON'T FEEL LIKE I AM DYING FROM HOMESCHOOLING. This is a first. Every year I get a couple weeks in and start to seriously look at school tuition prices because "there is no way I can keep doing this", but this year I am ok. I had one moment during the second week where I was frantically IG messaging with my girl Heather about how I might die, but then I got a grip and this week things have been really good. I know I am totally jinxing myself because we aren't even one month into things and it's highly likely if you talk to me in December I will singing a much different tune, but I will take the goodness while it lasts.

I had the lovely pleasure of getting to chat with Mrs. Fulwiler on her radio show this Monday, which is at the top of the list of "Things I'm Not Qualified To Do" right up there with Motherhood and Homeschooling. I was chatting with the kids about what I should talk about with her and I went ahead and wrote down their ideas on my phone because they were so ridiculous:

I never got desperate enough to actually use them during our chat, lucky Jen. Anyways, it was so fun! She is an absolute delight and now that I know I can listen to highlights from her others shows via podcasts on her website, I have all sorts of good listening in my future.

I am so excited to get into Stories of Grace, the latest bible study devotional put out by Take Up and Read, which goes through the parables of Jesus. I am late to the game with these devotionals, but better late than never! I'm also thrilled to be an upcoming contributor to their publications in the next devotionals, which gives me another item to add to my "Things I'm Not Qualified To Do" list!

I attempted to photograph the kids to update some frames in our abode and I am dying with how different they all look in just 1 year. I know I'm a gushing mother and will likely be the only one who has fun with this (save for the few grandparents reading), but what say we play a little game of "who's changed the most?"
Ok, clearly Fred wins, but can we just give a little attention to how much Joe is NOT a baby anymore and such a little boy?!? Also the very obvious number of inches Bernadette has shot up, which is so much more noticeable because she wore the same size 6 dress this year even though she's well into size 10 in height.

Mike and I just finished The Good Place and are pretty excited to watch the season 2 premier tonight. We also enjoyed Hidden Figures last week and cracked UP at Ryan Hamilton on Netflix, plus big props for how clean he was!

I am making my way through A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and really loving it (holla for the rec, Sarah!) I also randomly grabbed The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots from the library because we're studying her in history right now and I thought I'd be fun except that her life is so incredibly tragic.  
The kids and I are venturing off on a trip tomorrow for the weekend and this will be my first time ever traveling alone with all 5. Wish me all the luck and wine!


  1. You can do it!
    I made the trip to NH with the 3 kids and myself twice last year; it'll be better than you think, I promise!

  2. Naomi changed a ton - looking SO grown up!

  3. I'm sure Mike was just like my husband watching The Good Place - constantly criticizing the theology behind everything! I was like just shush and watch!

    1. A friend recommended The Good Place, and I've really enjoyed it! I got my husband to watch the first couple episodes with me. Maybe because he was a philosophy/theology major, he doesn't have the patience for it either. I think it's hilarious!

    2. So funny! Mike doesn't care about the theology of it at all - I think it bothers me more than him!