Thursday, August 16, 2018

starring, the boys!

I started this post as an exclusive "boys' birthdays" post but that was several days ago and methinks that now I ought to just add some more summer happenings and join Kelly for some early quick takes.  Here we go!

1) I am embarrassingly behind on posting about the boys' birthdays but I see no other way than to just post (in mostly chronological order) as if there has been no delay and as if I have been posting as frequently as ever. My blog, my rules I guess. I say mostly chronological because I am going to go ahead and double up my boys birthdays in one post before posting about the awesomeness that is my husband and the defense of his bad ass dissertation (which will be its own post, if it kills me), even though Joe's birthday technically fell after the defense. Again, my blog, my rules.

Freddie's second birthday was a whopping 2 months ago which is insane: how in the heck did this summer come and go so fast?! I was about to grab some super adorable pictures from his big day but it appears my computer has deleted all of them, which I am more than a little angered about. I know that I did indeed photograph his big day because I posted this little buddy on Instagram, from my camera, not my phone, which was one of many pictures that have disappeared from my piece of crap computer. I guess it will just have to suffice for as the entirety of photographic evidence of his birthday.

His birthday was the best because I have never had a child's birthday be so thoroughly anticipated by every member of the family except the child having the birthday. He mostly did not know or care that he was turning 2, but the other kids talked about nothing else for at least a week leading up to the day. As the above picture demonstrates, gift opening was a sibling affair and I think Joe managed to get the first turn with all of the toys he got.

2) In honor of him turning two I decided to chop off his little curls

As you can see they were definitely just turning into a curly mullet, and this new do makes him look as old as he is.

2 going on 22. Happy late (on the blog) birthday, Fred!

3) Then Joe turned 4. That sentence makes me die a little inside, life goes too stupidly fast. We were in Ohio with family for his big day so he actually got 2 big days: his big party day the day before his actual birthday and his actual birthday. On his birthday he let my mother-in-law know that "after this birthday, I'm is all done having birthdays", which sounded so terribly morbid but he just meant that he was done celebrating turning 4. Pictoral evidence of all the fantastic fun:

2 cakes + 1 family party + a pinata the size of himself + 1 smaller family celebration + more sugar than any child could ever need = best 4th birthday ever.

4) My boys have never seen Paw Patrol, nor will they ever see it (they watch enough junk). However, my mom got them these matching shirts, which happen to be the only matching shirts we own, naturally I got a tad overly excited and did a little photo shoot. I know what you're thinking , "there aren't enough pictures of her male offspring in this post!" I know, right?! Here you go

I'm sorry, I could not resist.

5) I scarcely make things from Pinterest that end up tasting as good as they look, but these cookie dough cheese cake bars were an absolutely exception. I altered them a tad and made my own cookie dough instead of using refrigerated dough because I did not have any refrigerated dough, which was great because I do think you need more cookie dough than one refrigerated pack would give you. I need to throw a party soon so I have an excuse to make these oreo rice krispie treats because I have a hunch they will also be as good as they look. If you've tried them and they're not don't break my heart, just let me try and fail. That's what Pinterest is for.

6) We are maybe possibly going to start up our home school the last week of August, which fills my heart with 90% fear/dread and 10% excitement, that seems like a pretty standard proportion of emotions for homeschooling, right? We are doing a new-for-us Co-Op thing called Classical Cottage School which will be a whirlwind day once a week but will hopefully offer some community and a small break from me teaching my children myself, so that's contributing to that 10% of excitement. The boys and their intense penchant for destruction are the primary contributing factor to the 90% dread. Beer me.

7) I think that's all I have for now, stay tuned for gratuitously proud and gushing post all about how my hot husband is now a Doctor of Theology! (or just unfollow this blog now, I understand)


  1. There is something just too too adorable about two year old boys. My two year old has the WORST mullet but I cannot bear the thought of cutting it off. It's entering rat tail territory but I don't care

  2. Your posts are the best! Happy for your sweet family. Also, you are right on in your assessment of normal homeschooling emotions

  3. Paw Patrol is a favorite around here! I like it because very few characters are "naughty" -- most of the storylines revolve around things like "a truck slipped on the ice." Also now my 2-year-old knows what a winch is thanks to PP. ;)