Thursday, April 2, 2020

baking and birthdays and big headed babies, oh my!

I know, I know I'm going overboard with this blogging enthusiasm, even posting quick takes an entire day early! I have to say that posting last week gave me this wonderful old-school thrill of blogging days of yore. Lets bring them back.

1) I know up until that last post I hadn't attempted another "run" of any sort, mostly because I'm seriously struggling to find the motivation to do anything other than day drink and pound handfuls of white cheddar Smart Pop (which cannot be considered "smart" when consumed in the vast quantities in which I consume it, but I digress). However a few days after I shared about my accidental 5k and my general commitment to never run again, my sister started a really cool Easter5k on Facebook, which has given some small new found motivation to to something, other than exercise my forearm muscles with extreme snacking. I've been on 2 whole runs since last week and haven't gotten lost once! I'm basically an Olympic hopeful.

2) I turned a whopping 35 years old on Tuesday and I have to say it was the weirdest-ass birthday I've had to date, thanks to the COVID quarantine situation. But I did get this wonderful little pearl and crucifix necklace from the Little Catholic gifted from my MIL and I just love it. Here's some blurry photographic evidence. Not sponsored, just love it.

I also got a hefty supply of tamarind paste which I am intending to make some authentic Pad Thai with for a little belated birthday date night with Mikey. We'll see if I can not screw it up.

3) I also got the movie My Fair Lady with the expressed intention to have a fun movie watch with my girls and it turns out... I hate that movie! I like some of the songs and of course Audrey Hepburn is stunning but man, is there a character in existence as horrible and unremorseful as Henry Higgins ?? Am I missing something? Worst movie/play ending ever too. Talk amongst yourselves.

4) I've done more baking this week. I have made at least 4 loaves of this banana bread recipe, which is always and forever just my favorite banana bread recipe (add chocolate chips, you won't regret it). I've also made a whole lot of these homemade granola bars, but add 3/4 cup of peanut butter because my kids like them better that way and I figure they're more substantial that way too.

5) This is Annie (and Annie's giant head):

She has my vote for Most Awesome Human Being in ALL categories EXCEPT napping. She has not taken anything longer than a 45 minute long nap in months. She mostly averages 2, 20 minute naps a day. It makes for some seriously intense homeschool days. She's still the best. 

6) What do you think about an old school Fine Linen and Purple style link-up with Easter garb even though none of us will be attending Easter mass is person? Just a thought, I'd be the happy hostess if there's any interest (and if another, more faithful blogger hasn't already decided to do this) Let me know!

7) I have tried to not have this pandemic be the only thing we are focusing on here at home, so as to avoid any unnecessary anxiety on the kids' parts, but despite my best efforts it has kind of taken over  (it doesn't help that MD just issued a stay-at-home order threatening residents with a misdemeanor if you leave for anything other than food and medical care. It's gotten a little intense). Anyways! Fred, the resident 3 year old, has started making up his own pretend "viruses" and incorporating them into play, because what's more fun than a plague-like virus in imaginative play! The most recent is called the "Tony-ette" virus (that's how it's pronounced, I asked him how to spell it and he said ZX7FTG, but I thought you might have trouble with that pronunciation), wherein the sufferers have various ghosts and mummies in their nasal passages. It is highly contagious and will kill you immediately. Watch out for it.

With that I will leave you. Have a happy and Tony-ette-free weekend!


  1. I'm so glad you are blogging again! I am so grateful that I am battling a simple cold and not the Tony-ette virus! Stay awesome Fred <3

  2. I thought I remembered Higgins being horrible, but when we watched it as a family last year I was like WHOA. The world has moved on from THAT, thank God! As for the pretend play, my niece & nephew apparently created coffins and made ghosts from the SPanish flu. :0

  3. Tony-ette LOL. I thnink your fine linen idea sounds great!

  4. Haha, Henry H. is pretty awful but the more I listen to the movie soundtrack, I do love Rex Harrison in that part!

  5. It would be nice to post our Easter dress up; otherwise, I just may not do so!

  6. So glad to read you again! Happy Birthday!!!

  7. I told my kids we'd be dressing up as usually for Pascha matins or whatever liturgical service we end up celebrating at our house so bring on the link up. I think we might take a pass on shoes though!

  8. I'm glad you're blogging again. I somehow missed your last few posts. We are just beginning to homeschool and I'm already having a hard time balancing baby and teaching.