Friday, November 6, 2020

Look who’s blogging!

What is even happening, is this real? The blog is back! For today. Where to even begin?! Linking with Kelly! 

1) I was reading through my blog the other day, reminiscing about my oldest pre-teens being little toddlers and realized it is simply unjust that I’ve given so little blog-attention to my younger half. So here are a few gems:

2) Yesterday all the kids were talking about their belly buttons (naturally) and Joe was pointing out that we ALL have belly buttons (but kept insisting on calling them “navels”) He went around the room identifying that each person had one and once he got to me he said “even mom has a navel! A super OLD and shriveled and wrinkled navel!” 

He’s not wrong.

3) I don’t know if have many good quotes from Fred but I have decided that he is quite possibly the most delightful human being on the face of the earth, and I could sit and converse with him for hours and not get bored. His favorite thing to do is talk incessantly about things that he is actually fairly scared of, most of which he has actually made up himself. 

For instance: he has created several islands in his head that are located “off the coast of Asia” (everything is in Asia in his head) They are called “Souf(like “south but with an F)-A-Fanna” and “Mada-creepy-island” (no relation to Madagascar, surprisingly). Both islands are the home of all the “cweepy fings”, such as: lava monsters (which he also calls “dangerous habits”), skulls, mummies, pirates, dinosaurs, mannequins (he is terrified of mannequins). Maybe this is a coping mechanism, like if he mentally puts all the things that freak him out on far away islands he doesn’t need to worry about them? Either way it’s thorough entertaining, 4-year-olds are the best. 

3) Then there’s Anastasia. Sweet perfect Anastasia who can do no wrong in the world (winketty wink). I actually hopped on my blog to try to jog my memory as to whether my older 3 girls were as insanely clingy as she is (Bernadette and Lucy absolutely were, thank you blog). She had about a week long jag of alwaysalwaysalwayscryingnevernotcrying and I was sure something was wrong but then she suddenly stopped and started saying actual words and having lengthy (albeit unintelligible) conversations with us and I breathed a long sigh of relief that she was just going through a legit development and we would be avoiding sending her to toddler counseling. For now.

4) One of the reasons that these gems have gone undocumented on the Internets is that I went ahead and deactivated the Old Insta-account for now, (and I go back and fourth deactivating and reactivating Facebook depending on the extent to which I desperately need to peruse Facebook marketplace.) At some point I realized that I was constantly thinking about life in Instagram captions and that’s just weird. Also I was totally baffled by why, after 30+ minutes of Instagram scrolling I was spiraling with anxiety (wasn’t actually baffled). Why do I suddenly feel like my house isn’t pretty enough, my husband didn’t bring me enough (or any) breakfast in bed, and my children were all wrong- in all ways? So I decided to take a break and see if it made a difference and it was huge. I got back on for a few days and that’s all it took to see that it just shouldn’t be in my life right now. Maybe one day I will be a totally mature, confident woman with complete self-mastery and no insecurities and will be able to handle it but for now I’ll be mostly off. That being said I’ll probably pop on to post that I wrote this- because let’s be honest, who even knows what blogging is anymore? Hypocrisy thy name is Ana. 

5) Just in case anyone was wondering, daylight  savings does not get any easier the more kids you have. Going on almost a week of 4 am wake times, which is only killing me a little. Also in case you were wondering: you’re never too old to complain about daylight savings.

6) What else? I made these snickerdoodle bars the other day and they were absolutely amazing. I really want to make this cake today because I basically can’t stop baking right now**. Hashtag fall. 

7) Lastly here’s some photographic evidence of all the children on All Saints Day, which is where the above 3 photos were from (I don’t just dress my kids up like that on a daily basis.)

Our lady of Fatima, Saint Cecilia, Saint Kateri Saint Sebastian, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, and little Saint Jacinta. 

**Since beginning this post I actually baked said cake and it was... OK. I wouldn’t bake it again. I know you were all dying to know how that turned out. You’re welcome.

Until next year, Happy weekend!!


  1. Please never stop blogging. The world needs more Ana Hahn. And if you won't do it for the world, do it for your whiny sister in law 🤪

  2. I love how you love Fred. It's how I feel about my third son. So perfect and fun to be around. Just the best!
    Keep blogging. I love it!

  3. Yes! Please never abandon the moms who follow blogs and are so thankful and inspired to hear about other moms doing it live out there! You are awesome and I'm so glad you blogged!

  4. The whole part on social media is my story too!!! I'm a better mom and person-- and happier-- without it...I just have to remind myself that when the temptation strikes to login and scroll!! However I completely deleted my Facebook and love it! I do have a friendless account for stuff like marketplace.

    Keep blogging!!