Tuesday, November 8, 2011

bad blogging

Perhaps you've noticed that my blog is full of confusing run on sentences and a plethera of spelling errors sandwiched between thoughts that may not completely coherently connect and if had not noticed this then I think maybe you should start to worry about your competency when it comes to good grammar and reading skills.

Well my husband, who claims to have written a book and been an editor at some point, thinks that I should give a brief explanation of this lest you think I am a complete idiot.

I must tend to these crazies:

I am trying to strike a balance. I say this as I am writing my 3rd post of the day, but trust me :) this is not always the case. I have decided this time around (I had a blog before and then it died) to only write 10-15 minute posts and if they suck, oh well. I write what I am thinking when I am thinking it and do little, if any editing. So if it annoys you, don;t read it.

Happy reading!


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