Wednesday, November 9, 2011


What do you do when you child wakes up from a nap of less than an hour COVERED in her own excrement and you are the only person you can find to clean it?

Obviously, you clean her off, clean the carpet where the feces was, throw the poo covered pants away and the pull-up that contains almost virtually NOTHING in it. You almost throw up, almost cry, you grit your teeth and take care of the situation and then what?

For me this requires some recovery time. I feel like I deserve something great, a trophy, or plaque or a fantastic alcoholic beverage. But it is not even 4, no one is around to present me with any sort of medal so I decided to set the almost potty-trained child up with a fun activity, make some coffee and down it, and sit and detox via the interweb.

I probably would have run out of the house and down the street screaming SERENITY NOW if my husband did not take on the main part of the potty-training ALL morning beginning around 6 in the a.m. Thank you best husband ever.
Temporarily sane, thank you coffee & husband

There will also be boxed wine drinking and Thai food eating this evening as a reward, much deserved.

Stay poo-free,

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