Monday, November 7, 2011

Migraines Suck

Migraines suck.

I am not a sufferer of severe migraines, the kind that make you throw up and require you to go to the hospital for steroid shots (my mother and at least 2 of my siblings are) I have had one like that. But I do get legitimate migraines. I would say that I get 1-2 a week. I go through spurts where they are less frequent and less severe, but I can ALWAYS count on them coming.

I don't try to figure out what causes them anymore as they just come when they want to and last however long they want to. Several of my siblings are on prescription meds for them and I probably would be but my insurance, like migraines, sucks.

I get so many of them that I no longer really pity myself like I used to, they're pretty much old news. You can't just stop life once or twice a week because your head feels like it might implode at any point. I do try to make my older child feel bad for me as much as I can just so she'll let me lay on the couch for a longer time, but now she'll occasionally tell me that she has a "really bad headache" and "she really needs a vitamin" (the delicious chewy kind of course). I've created a little monster. I sure hope that she never gets them, or of my offspring for that matter. I truly wouldn't wish them on anyone, except maybe Joe Flaco or Ray Lewis... sorry, still recovering from the loss last night.

I like to watch the above video to make me feel better about them as much as possible, in case you were confused by it.

Now that my second large dose of IB profen is kicking in I will go be a good mother and lay down while the children are slumbering.

Have a migraine-free Monday!

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