Sunday, November 6, 2011

Suzy Homemaker

Is not me.
I am sure I looked better than her while I was cooking, there was probably just a baby crawling into the oven there.

But I made some goodies today so here you go:

Since Mike initially denied my request to utilize a McDonald's coupon from the church bulletin for dinner I was forced to make this which I think is very good especially if you like meatloaf and you don't have any ketchup on hand, which is how I happened upon it.

Then for a little dessert I tried out this little number I bought a bunch of zucchini from Aldi because it was less than a buck a package and I wanted to conquer my fear of making zucchini bread as it has always gone horribly, horribly wrong. This however, is pretty much incredible, because it is pretty much a straight up cake. I think that it called for 1/2 pound of sugar and 4 quarts of oil... something like that, but seriously, so. good.

And lastly, in honor of Sunday night football (we are die hard Steeler fans here) I am making this. The biggest crowd pleaser ever.

Your welcome,

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