Sunday, November 6, 2011


The thing I love the most right now: This fall.
Everyone is I am always complaining about the weather. South Bend is a cold, yucky place to be (generally) about 5-6 months out of the year, plus it is gray most of the time too. But despite what other residents will say currently, I submit that this is the most beautiful fall since I have been living here, and possibly since I have been alive. Minimal rain, plenty of sunny cool days, and SO many of the leaves are still on the trees and it is NOVEMBER! That is impressive if you ask me. I am counting this as a major blessing, especially with the impending doom that is winter in the Midwest coming asap.

The thing that I hate the most right now: changing my 1-year-old's diaper
I am sure that the thing I hate the most should be something like "injustice" or "oppression". Little did you know that those things are synonymous with changing this child's diaper.
I dread every single diaper change. I put them off for as long as I can, often resulting in a totally wet outfit, which then means I then need to change the diaper AND put on a new outfit, DOUBLE whammy.
I think that changing her diaper could be likened to changing an epileptic monkey who has a virus like the little monkey in "Outbreak".

I now have to hold her torso down with my foot while holding her legs back with one hand and wiping her/holding her hands back from grabbing whatever nastiness is down below with the other hand. I never would have thought that such a small body could display such amazing strength and agility. So I guess I give her some props for that.

If only she knew how unjust and oppressive the situation really is. I am changing her waste and she is writhing and flailing as if she is being tortured. This picture dos not entirely make sense, in fact it makes no sense at all.

When my older daughter started doing this (she was much more verbal at a much earlier age) I really cracked the whip, and sternly explained to her that she should "be grateful" to have her diaper changed. She got the concept, the absurdity of crying when someone else is removing your waste. Later that day or week or something I heard her changing her baby doll's diaper and scolding her telling her to "be grateful!"

But there is no reasoning with an epileptic monkey,

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  1. That is hilarious about your older daughter getting onto her doll! I definitely laughed out loud!