Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mandatory rest time

I do not do this every day, but since the girls did not fall asleep Naomi kept herself and Bernadette awake until at least 9:30, maybe closer to 10, last night and still sported her typical 7 a.m.-on-the-nose wake time, I decided that today would be a good day to do it. Bernadette still does a morning nap, mostly be cause she is kept up much later than she should be, thanks to Naomi's shenanigans, and so this morning during B's nap, I put some hymns on for Naomi (she is a very pious child), gave her some "quiet books" and left her in her room until the play list was done.

While I threatened her with punishments if she got out of her bed, I never actually checked to see if she was in bed, so I as far as I know she was peacefully and quietly alternating between teaching herself how to read and resting in her bed as she should have been. Although when I went in at the end she was in her panties instead of her "rest time diaper" with her pants on inside out and backwards and the light was on... But like I said for the duration of rest time until the songs were done, as far I know, she was in bed :) Ignorance is bliss.

I have been wanting to sew these old jeans of mine for some time now, so that is what I busied myself with during mandatory rest time. They are some clearanced Gap favorites from around 03' and feel like butta- so comfy. I am not a great or even a decent seamstress, but my skills have improved just the tiniest bit since college, when I tried to "hem" them, which basically meant that I gave them a big cuff and stitched the sides so that every time I put them on for years the cuff would get stuck on my foot and I would have to re-cuff it. Also the bottom of the hem got all worn out and frayed from not being properly hemmed.

So about 6 years later I finally decided to fix them and here is how they came out:

super awkward arm, super light denim

A little bit better

another great picture, but a vast improvement
I will be wearing them every day, all day until they fall apart, they are seriously that comfortable.

So thank you Naomi for not electrocuting yourself and giving me a whole hour to myself- you're the best.

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  1. those jeans look great! truly. I'm loving lighter jeans lately.

    love the quiet time....brilllllliant.