Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mean mom

 I am always telling people that taking 2 kids to the store is not that bad and I am sure that compared to taking more than 2 kids to the store, it's not that bad. However, I am realizing more and more that when I take both girls to the store I am a straight up mean mom. I am sure that onlookers are shocked and horrified and are feeling utterly justified in their ideas about not having kids or definitely only having 1 or 2 and then being done.

It always ends up coming down to several options: not going/going and being a jerk face/going when their in bed/going on Sunday. I am probably going to shift to a Sunday evening shopping trip by myself so as to not inflict my evil alternate personality on my poor daughters any longer.

I am sure that it didn't help that I had about 5 different errands that I needed to run and made sure that I did each. seriouslybadmom.
 We had to get loaded up for Mike's big Christmas birthday bash and we hit the mother load at Aldis. I LOVE ALDIS.
New throw pillows for our basement couches, thank you Aldi
 The girls were actually really good, and SO helpful with unloading scooting the groceries all over the house.
 This was the best part of the trip. In order to make it past the first 2 errands, we mad a pit stop at Krispy Kreme (very close to my heart because of my best friend from college who's dad was the VP of KK and fed me copious amounts of donuts during my college career). I purchased this amazing calendar and words can scarcely describe just how excited I am about it. It was a whopping $5...
 And there are over $90 of coupons inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our weekly donut run will be taken care of for an entire year! I almost wept tears of joy after the purchase.
I am off to the store AGAIN with these children and praying for loads of extra grace to not be a grinch of a mother, pray for me please.

Stay tuned for a *hopeful* alteration later today!


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  1. You are not a mean mom, you are a normal mom! If you are mean, then I am mean too! haha I loved your shout out to me and good ole KK. Wish we could have doughnut dates with our kids together!
    P.S. I am blogging again specifically for you- just thought you should know that! :)