Thursday, November 3, 2011


Thursday is my day of excuses.
It is the ONE day during my week that my husband does not work from home, and the one day that he actually has a lot of class and doesn't get home until the late hour of 6:30... P.M.!

So, like any good, self respecting wimpy housewife, I pity myself, treat myself to donuts and extra coffee, play dates with friends, and Christmas movies with the children. Or presently, a Christmas movie for one child while the other one sleeps and I online shop and blog... this is sounding so much more pathetic and lazy than it did at the outset, but it is what it is.

So while my kitchen still has food crusted to almost every visible surface (and most likely those not visible as well), the play room is strewn with toys, the bathrooms need to be cleaned, and laundry needs to be folded (and the list goes on and on and on...) I will sit listening to Bing and Danny sing and think about working out so hard that it actually burns calories. I'll let myself be lazy, because let's be honest, no one has it harder than me ;)

Have yourself a lazy Thursday,


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