Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blogless, sleepless days

On Friday I drove here, to my home town with my girls by myself to begin our never-ending annual Griswold family Christmas vacation. Coming home to my sisters hanging out at my parent's house with all their little ones to distract mine, to Grandparents salivating at the chance to take my kids for any length of time and let me do *anything* I want, and to non-stop celebration over something, not sure what, is seriously fantastic and so much more exciting than the mundane daily grind of our little home.

But there is certainly something to be said for the normalcy of our little home that keeps certain things like my kid's bowel movements and sleep regular (sorry, that is sick). It doesn't help that all three of us have been in one room AND that (of course) within the first 2 days of being here, Bernadette spiked a fever for about 24 hours that made her completely miserable and kept her up for almost an entire night the night before last. Last night I caved and separated the girls and found another room to sleep in and all three of us snatched a good chunk of sleep: about 8 hours on my part, 12 on Naomi's and Bernadette is still sleeping going an a full 14 hours and counting. And even though I got good sleep last night, I am still definitely planning on throwing both girls at my hard-working husband as soon as he gets here to let me take a gratuitously long nap.

I don't actually know how sleep loss has anything to do with me not blogging, I think it may have a bit more to do with the craziness that is vacation, but I think if I would have tried to write something yesterday (going off of about 3 *interrupted* hours of sleep) there may have been inadvertent swear words inserted in various spots. A happy blogger is a better one. SO there is the sleep connection.

I probably won't be around much until the new year, but maybe I will grace you with some fun shots of me and the fam, I do love to brag about them publicly as much as possible.

Have a happy last week of Advent and Merry Christmas!!


  1. ah. No sleep or spotty sleep IS THE WORST. Worst worst worst.

    I'm sorry!

    Hopefully it turns around and you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

  2. we want more posts!!!

    less family, more posts!

    also, more buckeyes!

    (thanks, honey)

  3. I will miss you. Have a fantastic Christmas and New Years! I agree with Mike about more buckeyes and more posts.