Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saint Nicholas day

If you're in the market for a great way to hype your kids up right before bed and at the same time totally wear yourself out, look no further.
As I mentioned in my last post, we decided to begin what will likely be a new little tradition here at the Hahn house by celebrating the heck out of Saint Nicholas day and giving the kids all of their intended Christmas presents then since we will always be traveling on Christmas. So today began the new trad. However, we realized last night that we really had not built it up at all and Mike was going to pulling an all nighter finishing a paper. Soooo giving gifts first thing in the a.m. would not be ideal. Instead I just gave stockings in the morning with a tiny bit of candy and a few small gifts and then did the rest after evening Mass and dinner. This seemed like a good idea, and worked fine, but will never happen again until the children are old enough to drink in the evening with us.

They loved openning the gifts and it was a wonderful celebration, but there were quite a few little overly tired issues ending with them talking and crying forever in their room trying to settle. You live and you learn.

They day was great and filled with a lot of Saint Nicholas talk, asking his intercession and some fun Saint Nicholas crafts and baking, which I will definitely be incorporating in future years. I am all ears for other good ideas for this feast day.

The first little craft was an ornament that I pieced together from a set given to me by Mike's mom intended for pictures of the girls, but I modified it to work for Saint Nick:
image printed from some website
You can find these little ornament-making kits at the dollar store or dollar general, either way they're only a dollar.

My next venture was to make some special Saint Nicholas cut-out sugar cookies. I looked around to get some ideas and they mostly said to buy a cross cookie cutter or order a special cookie cutter of that saint. It was a bit too late for that so I sat and thought whilst inhaling several chunks of the already assembled dough.
I looove sugar cookie dough
Then I thought of this:
I DID have a ginger bread man and a Christmas tree. What good is that, you ask?

Simply slice off the top of the Christmas tree and there you have it: a little Miter for your bishop, Nicholas!
Add a red robe and a white beard and he is complete
I felt a weee bit guilty about biting his little head off but not guilty enough to keep me from eating half of them... they were really good.

The sugar cookie recipe that I used was pretty awesome as was the white icing recipe (if you use it you should definitely do half shortening half butter- it tastes way better, trust me).

Here are some pictures of the post dinner mayhem that ensued after Mike locked them in their room and forced PJs on them while I loaded up the gifts under the tree.

And then we tried to lay them down, GREAT idea. We have a lot to learn.

Have a blessed last few hours of Saint Nicholas day!!

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  1. WOW! Looks like it was a blast! I always get so inspired reading your blogs and seeing all of the things you do, Ana!!! I look forward to the day that I can blame you for my feelings of maternal and spousal inadequacy.... ;)