Sunday, December 4, 2011

Top ten reasons my husband is the best

Today we are celebrating Mike's 29th birthday- he is much older at heart. And in honor of him getting one year closer to the age he is meant to be (about 85-years-old), I am singling out the top ten reasons that he really is the best. Best husband, best father, best man, best all around person I know. I will try to prioritize (10 being the most important reason). And just as a warning, there will be more sap here than a giant Redwood.

1) He can fix anything, or if he cannot he will learn how and then do it.
Helping my dad build our swing set (he got lucky getting my dad's help, but he had all the materials ready to do it himself)

Framing our basement, he had never framed anything before.
 2)He knows everything. Ok not everything, but it almost never fails that if I have a question about something, he will know the answer and I am generally shocked if he doesn't.

3) He is funny. Very funny.
creepy mustache
4) He married me, meaning he has impeccable taste.

5)He drinks scotch, just plain, like an old man.
6)He makes me 5 minute chocolate cake.
5-minute Chocolate Cake
it is amazing
Our positive test from Naomi
 7) He loves babies. If it were only up to him, or if I were superwoman, we would be on kids 4 or 5 or something with some twins thrown in there. He is so open to life regardless of the challenges and is ready to make whatever sacrifices he has to in order to bring new life into the world, while being completely respectful of me being a wimpy overwhelmed woman. He's not putting the pressure on, he just loves babies and it is so sweet and wonderful.

8) He loves our girls and would spend all day with them if he could. He works in his office downstairs and he can barely go 2 full hours without coming upstairs just to give them (and me) a thousand kisses and tickle them and make them laugh. Sweetest ever. Now for a glut of pictures:

9) He is the most loving, supportive, caring, and giving husband. He would do anything for me and I would be like a lost little puppy dog without him.
10) He is the holiest person I know and his love for the Lord calls me on daily. Whether it is seeing him get his daily prayer in every morning or his initiating family prayer times, he is always calling me on to a deeper relationship with the Lord and there is nothing better or more important than that.

So there you have it, proof that he is the best. Happy birthday to the love of my life, Michael Scott (yes that is his first and middle name, also the best) I love you!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ana,
    I wish I knew you. All I can say is how pleased I am that Michael turned out so well -- not surprising, of course! I knew him best when he was 13 and I lived at his house. What I love most in your pictures of him is what I remember vividly about Michael -- a hint of the mischievousness in his grin.
    Wishing Michael a super happy birthday!