Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where is the maid?!?!?

I have heard fellow stay-at-home mom friends make jokes in passing (when referring to the not-so-clean state of their home) like "Sorry, the maid didn't show up" or "Where is the maid?!?! When is she getting here?". Today I decided that this should not be such a joke. It shouldn't be so preposterous to think that we SAHMS would hire someone to help us stay on top of our thousand household duties in order to stay on top of our (my) always shaky sanity.

I mean, we stay at home, right? Our homes are our jobs, right? Why hire someone to do our jobs for us? Isn't that just lazy? Well if staying at home, being a house wife and keeping things clean and tidy was all you had to do and you hired someone to come and do it, then yes, that would be lazy. I was a little unemployed house wife our first year of marriage- granted I was pregnant within days of being married- but none-the-less, keeping our house looking decent was no big thang.


You see, we are MOMS. We have children. Children who poop on the floor. Children who cry and cry and whine and cry allllllllllllllll day unless you hold them and when you set them down it starts all over again. Children who need to be played with, read to, tickled, chased around, watched at every second or they may set something on fire, break glass and cut themselves, drink bleach, run out of the house and get hit by a car, you name it. Children, who if we let them, could take up every single freaking bit of our thoughts, energy, emotions, of our whole life. They are enough work in themselves. Period. ONE child is enough work in his/her self. And then you have another, and another and another- it doesn't matter how many you have. Just that very first one was enough to take up all of your time.
Left-the pooper; Right- the whiner

So it is absolutely not a joke in my mind to think about having a maid. I want a maid. If we had enough money, I would hire one. Not a nanny- my kids are my kids, I bore them, I birthed them. I want to stay home with them and be present with them, they are my first priority. I would hire a maid to come and give me a hand for 1 hour a day with house work. No body wants to sit in a filthy house, especially not me. I need order, I crave it. I need some level of cleanliness. Order and cleanliness are good and they make me happy.

I genuinely believe that there is so much value in house work- eternal value and material value- but there is so darn much house work. There is enough to do in one room of my house to keep me busy for an hour maybe 2. Then you add the 7 other rooms and, I am sorry, it is not possible to stay on top of this by myself.
 laundry=the worst
So what do I do? I whine and complain and I do it anyways, but if I had a maid there would not be such an annoying amount of whining and complaining from me. And I am sure that my kids would be much, MUCH happier as I would probably be much, MUCH nicer to them instead of getting angry when they make it impossible for me to have some order and cleanliness in my day... In short, everyone should have a maid.

Sorry for whining,

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  1. i wrote a similar post originally last night. And then my husband said, "It sounds like you are just being judgmental against rich people." Which of course was not what I intended, but absolutely what I intended to say. Maybe I will email it to you and make you feel better.