Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Things are starting to get back to "normal" around here, whatever that means. 

That is the thing about going through trying times with babies and toddlers- they really couldn't care less about your troubles, they have plenty of their own issues like: wanting 7 packs of fruit snacks and only being allowed ONE or preferring to watch 4-5 videos a day and only being plopped in front or 2 or 3. It really is a hard life. 

Although they were the ones in desperate need of come normalcy, I have also been craving some semblance of normal in our days.
So now I am getting dressed every day and even going out and doing some things, which has actually been very nice. I even got back to my whopping 20 minute workout yesterday, watch out. It is literally 20 minutes since I cut out the warm up and cool down to save time, Jillian would be disappointed.

So in my attempt to offer my girls something more fun during the day than me laying on the floor and them sit around me/climbing on me and less mind warping then watching disney movie after disney movie, we ventured out side. We've had a real heat wave the last couple of days with temperatures spiking into the low 40s, and I refuse to go outside in anything colder, so here we are:

hyper and special

Danger: I can fit my hair into a little nub of a pony tail now, life will never be the same

So that's one little slice of the pie of our days recently, stay tuned for more.


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