Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I believe the children are our future.

If this song is stuck in your head for the duration of the day, my work here is done. 
Hahaha (evil laugh)

We've been outside for a lot of 3 minute spurts every 15 minutes for the past week since global warming is finally showing something for itself. This has entailed a lot of dressing the children, coating them with sunscreen, putting shoes on them, going outside, filling the water table, them soaking themselves and then wanting to go inside, bringing them in, re-dressing them and repeating the whole process 15 minutes later. It has been SO fun! (you could cut my sarcasm with a knife)
 Bernadette is completely soaked here, and she was terrible at eating an ice cream cone.
She decided to lay prostrate in front of the door to try to avert an inevitable nasty diaper change. I think she thought I wouldn't see her.
 Is there anything cuter than tiny girls in bathing suits? I submit there is not.
So special.
These girls are going to rule the world someday, you wait and see.
RIP Whitney.


  1. I love me some global warming too! Now if the ice caps would just melt and give my state some ocean front property.....

  2. Your girls are so cute!