Friday, March 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!
Joining Jen and many others for some quick takes this Friday:

1) Friday finds us having a movie day, as migraine days usually do. Also because when I broke the news to Naomi that it only looked nice out but that it is actually going to snow and that we would not be venturing out, she wept- literally wept. So I said "Let's watch 'Pooh's Grand Adventure'"! Alrighty then.

2) Not going outside brings me to the next note, that we are ecstatic about the fact that spring is around the corner. I think I counted at least 2 predicted 70 degree days next week. What?!?! We have officially skipped winter (and I mean, real winter, not this "light dusting of snow on the ground a couple times a week winter") Thank you, Lord.

3) Bringing me to the fact that tomorrow we will be making an excursion out to the ZOO!! It is their second "Winter Day" this year only we will be wearing spring jackets thanks to the upcoming mid-50 degree weather. Ok enough on the weather.

4) My husband went ahead and ordered his favorite food in the world in bulk online as they do not sell it in any stores that we know of:
Chili Ramen noodles: they really are so good. Lunch and dinner for many days in the future taken care of. Thank you dearest husband.

5) Another current food favorite costing us way too much money lately but also causing me immense joy:
liquid joy

 6) Do they make a toy vacuum cleaner that actually cleans? If not, they should!
This could be serving a much more practical purpose.

7) Speaking of toys I found this on Amazon and am thinking of adding it to Naomi's upcoming B-day presents (we are giving her a doll house). It is called the "Loving Family" and they have more than 2 kids!!! And a Grandma, for fun.

Aaaand, I am done.
Have a great Friday!


  1. My kids love Ramen, too! They would eat your whole stash in a day. The chili flavor may slow them down a bit, though.

    But just a bit.

  2. My son literally begged for Ramen today. He had it for lunch on Wednesday (because we didn't want to spend an extra second cooking that we didn't have to) and has been HOUNDING us ever since to have more.

    Dude. I am about to give you my million dollar idea: ride-on functional vacuum cleaner. Fun and helpful!

  3. double shots are definitely liquid joy! i don't often drink them...but when i do...bliss! =)