Saturday, March 3, 2012

New low

Have you ever left the house in a hurry and you looked down and realized you were still wearing your slippers or house shoes or what have you? Some times this happens and as soon as you realize it you run into the house and change or if you're already too far from the house to do that your hope and pray that no one sees you only partially clad, because you have some sense of pride and dignity.

Yes well, this evening I went ahead and forfeited all my pride and dignity and very intentionally wore my house shoes OUT of the house. For 2 errands. I wasn't really even in a hurry. As I was gathering things to leave the house to run to the store and pick up our dinner, I opened the closet, saw one of my shoes and made the decision: it was not worth the effort to rummage around for the other shoe, BOTH of my slippers were sitting right in front of me, so easy!

These are about what my slippers look like. I actually had an internal dialogue in my head convincing myself that they actually looked like shoes.

It wasn't until I was walking into the store, in the snow, over wet piles of salt, in slippers, that it hit me: this is not ok. Then and there, all my self respect went out the window, but a valuable lesson was learned- house shoes belong one place and one place only: in the house.


  1. Haha yes, it always seems ok when you're still in the house. Its not until you're in the public eye when the shame catches up :)

  2. Dude...I'm proud of you. Let's just chock those moments up for being confident in the midst of everyone else who feels they need to wear "normal" shoes ;) Those look comfy by the way...I may be in the market for some new house/errand wear :)

  3. balderdash! I think its awesome you go out in them! I intentionally wear my house slippers when I run errands (which look an awful lot like yours... which I insist look a lot like cloth clogs...and who doesn't love clogs?) It is true that any precipitation tends to make the decision seem somewhat foolish but to you sista friend, I say wear your house slippers proudly outside the house... let people think you are really hard core for wandering out practically barefoot in the snow because you value comfort over fashion or function.

  4. Uh-oh, I've worn mine out many times. I think they ARE shoes!