Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heat wave

I know you're dying to see more pictures of my children running around outside, and I want to give you what you want, so here you go.

makeup-less, pony tail, baggy jeans. yikes. at least they look cute.

You would think this is a 10 foot long slide. I think it totals 1 1/2 feet.
Too many pictures, you say? Maybe. Ok yes, too many. But seriously look at us! We don't have coats on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to document this unprecedented last day of Feb 60 degree day, insane.

And this morning I decided to pretend that it was still this nice, even though it had dropped nearly 30 degrees over night, and go for a run, also unprecedented these days. Good start to another good Thursday. Have a good one yourself!


  1. You really shouldn't let your kids play so close to the street. Paging CPS...