Sunday, March 25, 2012

Too many pictures

I did not feel like picking which pictures were best to document Naomi's 3rd birthday, and since I realize that very few people will care anyways, I just put them all up. I guess we can just call it a storyboard.
Here you can see the all-too-excited birthday queen standing next to her all-too-expensive princess balloon which I woke up an hour earlier than usually to trot to the store to purchase (I DID NOT know how darn expensive these stinkin' balloons are- I am going to make it last for as many birthdays as I can, and even if we have boys in the future, I will re-inflate this thing if it kills me).
I also purchased some birthday donuts, which the girls are eating here, while I was at the store at 7:30 a.m. That is seriously the time to get donuts and to be at the store in general, if only I weren't so lazy.
 Post-donut present-opening. Bernadette definitely did not understand who or what we were celebrating.
 Gifts from Grammy and Gramps (i.e., my parents).
One of the shirts has a skull (!) on it, but I am so desperate for clothing for Naomi, I think she is just going to have to sport it.
 B-day card from Grammy and Gramps, complete with cute picture of them on it.
 Gift (try like 15 of them) from Nana and Papa (Mike's parents)- they really put us to shame.
 More gifts from Nana and Papa.
"Finally a gift from mommy and daddy, they really do love me!"
 And, it's party time. At 10 a.m., we get crazy up in here.
 Fish cake! 

The pictures do not capture how many friends came to the party, because I did not take any pictures after the first 2 friends arrived, but I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends we've made here and how many great little friends Naomi has made- it was a pretty awesome 3rd birthday party.

And a farewell from an extremely over-sugared Bernadette. She really crashed right after this.

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  1. Happy belated, and many years to your sweet Naomi! And happy Birth Day to you.