Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Caged Wisdom

Again, our exposure to the outside population has been extremely limited as of late, so I have had a lot of time to sit around and ponder life (I certainly don't feel good enough to actually DO anything, common!).

Here are some things I have been thinking about:

a) I feel pretty sure that my growth as a result of pregnancy is abnormal at the very least. I wanted to take a picture of myself to ask the general public who read this blog if they think it is normal, or rather if anyone else has been this large by 11 weeks. As soon as I put the camera up to take the picture, my shame and certainty that everyone will comment that no, they were never this big until at least 20 weeks, stops me and I cannot go through with even snapping the picture.

b) I've been looking at my wedding picture a lot recently, and it hit me yesterday that not only was my hair do bad at my wedding, it actually closely resembled a Julia Roberts wedding hair style in Steely Mags:

Just add a little poof to the top and we're twins!
c) I have broken out in a terrible rash all over my legs, which I know you really want to hear about, so that's why I am telling you. I am pretty sure that it is due to pregnancy/hormone changes, but as I was laying in bed for over an hour in the middle of the night last night (also due to preg insomnia, but I am not complaining) I was pretty convinced that it was a result of a banana overdose. So the first that I did upon waking to day was to Google "banana overdose", of course! It turns out that unless I am eating over 15 bananas a day, I am not likely to have banana overdose. So I am back to the drawing board there.

d) Bernadette has a cough that sounds like she's been smoking for 30 years, and this morning I started to freak out that it is pertussis, even though she has been vaccinated for it. SO to ease my anxiety I looked online for a sound bite of what the whooping cough sounds like, I found a link called "the sounds of pertussis" so I clicked. I then proceeded to watch a 2 minute video of a mother grieving the loss of her little son to the disease. Anxiety not eased. But now I know what pertussis sounds like.

e) Last but not least, for your enjoyment (and because I know you'll all be so sweet and make me feel better about myself, or maybe you won't, just don't be too mean) and an attempted explanation of the title of this post, it's still confusing though- sorry.

me at 20 11 weeks



  1. no way you look great!!! really really. I was disappointed to read #1 but am glad you went through with it!! And I would rather have a (and yours is CUTE) baby belly than a big booty --- truth.

    ugh -- I think Julia had that same cough and I was Googling myself into scary -- it lasted an eternity -- I just loaded her up with hylands cough syrup and a humidifier at night. I'm so sorry -- it was nooooo fun.

  2. I look just like that when I'm 8 weeks pregnant. No joke. You look awesome!

  3. This should make you feel better:

    You look great and very pro-life :)

  4. Ok, and THIS is why I blog. You are all the sweetest ever and are making feel so good. Thank you!!!!

  5. I looked like that BEFORE I got pregnant so you can just imagine what I looked like at 11 weeks.... you look great and maybe its just a sign that this bebe is an overachiever and will come early!!!

  6. you look great! I'm pretty sure that I grew everywhere, not just my belly, but you don't look that at all. Hope your little one feels better soon! It's no fun when they are sick.

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  8. You look so good! Very Cute! I like it when I can tell someone is pregnant =). (had to fix a typo from above...I should proofread better!

  9. for the record, I think you were probably Mingo Junction's most beautiful bride of all time, so just keep that in mind.

    Also, my mom made the unilateral decision to add hideous straps/faux capped sleeves to my million dollar wedding gown, which to this day causes me inappropriate amounts of anxiety when I behold my high-lighed extra large guns in every.single.wedding.pic. Hindsight...

  10. I feel the exact same way about (a)!! Before my unltrasound last week, I was semi-convinced I was having twins...anything to explain why I looked so HUGE so early! No luck..I'm just gigantic. :)

  11. You look FANTASTIC!! What are you talking about??? Also, I would like to point out that by the time our third pregnancy hits, we finally get the acknowledgement that we desperately sought with our first, but since we were so small with our first, it didn't come until 25-30 weeks along. And, having gone through it 3 times myself, I was no bigger with my 3rd than I was with the other two at the end. It just happens faster in the beginning :) Lastly - I think your hairdo was very classy and beautiful. I went for the updo also with curls and some hair left down. In 30 years, you'll be happy you went with classy rather than trendy!! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_o5YARN__8qQ/THXSUzsEYOI/AAAAAAAAAgw/BEeGuvZkQmU/s640/bad.jpg

  12. You look great! I showed much sooner with my third, too. I think it's normal :) and your wedding day hair is gorgeous!

  13. you look so little- definitely 11 weeks, not 20 ;)

    and, i have seen that 2 minute video of the mom grieving her baby....... and then it took ryan about 2 hours to convince me that our children (despite not even having mild coughs at the time) would not get pertussis.