Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sometimes your kids scare you

I have been living in a temporary dream world for the last 6 or so months.
Soon after Naomi was put into, and then figured out how to get out of, her normal bed, attempts were made and made successfully to keep her bound to her toddler cage of a room. I am not one of those sweet mothers who willingly invites my children into my room (let alone my bed) in the night time/wee morning hours. Once their allotted time spent there for the first few months of life is up I am all too eager to get the little out and into her own room, since by this time she is generally beginning to disrupt the peace and harmony that is sleep time for myself and Mike.

So as soon as Naomi decided that staying in her room after bed time or during nap time was not an option for her, a battle of wills began and was won (only temporarily) by myself (and Mike, but really I credit myself for the strategy). After some serious prodding, I finally got Mike to give in and let me put a child proof door knob cover over the knob on the inside of her room and BAM, I won, just like that.

She only cried a little and fell asleep on the floor next to the door every night for only a few months. But we slept, and she slept. And nobody (nobody being ME) was awakened with every noise in the middle of the night waiting for a creeping 2-year-old to be standing in the door way, or at your feet, or in your face looking something like this:
Seriously, it freaks me out when a kid is standing in my room and I didn't know they were there. I indulged in the gratuitous watching of one too many horror films during my high school and college days and the remnants of these videos still made themselves known during these night time appearances of the Nomes.

So the dreaded moment came last night when, after she was put in her room for the night, it happened. The door opened. I asked Mike immediately if he took the cover off of the door since he had done that one night to see what would happen, of course that night Naomi was found under the dining room table shortly after bed time. The cover was promptly put back on. But he answered "no" and the reality set in that she had figured it out. The contraption is not complicated, you just have to squeeze the door knob in the 2 holes on the sides of the thing and turn, but I had hoped against hope that she would never figure this out.

So this morning when my bladder woke me up at the ripe hour of 5:40, I laid back down to try to finagle another hour of sleep before the awakening, and unsuccessful was I. At every single little noise I was convinced that she was opening the door, so I would hop up to try get to her room before she got into our room (to avoid appearances like the above image, of course!) And because of my irrational fears, an hour of sleep was lost and little angel Naomi did not open the door until her reasonable 7 a.m. wake time.

You win, Naomi, you always do.


  1. I love that she was under the dining room table the first night without the cover...I mean I don't love it for you, but that is just so funny! I sure hope her streak of just deciding to sleep in her room until 7 (or 8 on day?) continues for you and you can sleep peacefully =).

  2. What a smart little girl. I don't know what it is about my kids, but they always stayed in bed until they were night-potty-trained and then had to get up to go potty. But by that point, they were able to tell time, and knew they weren't allowed to come downstairs until 6:00. Maybe they are just scared of us?!?!? Have you tried rewarding her with a gummy bear (or something) when she stays in her bed for the whole night? Sleep deprivation is hands down the worst part of parenting (so far anyways...)

  3. Oh my gosh, can I relate to the freaky kid stare!! My oldest used to come in the middle of the night and just stare at me until I'd wake up. To this day, I cannot fall asleep unless I am facing out of the bed!

  4. dang it- toddler genius 1 mommy 0... hate when the scoreboard looks like that. Maybe her figuring it out was just a fluke...I have some extra vicodin from my c-section I can lend you and it will send you off to la la land

  5. It creeps me out SO BAD when I wake up to a child hovering over my bed. So creepy! Can't they just yell from their beds if they need something? Much less scary.

  6. We had the same problem with those covers and our two year old. But then my husband bought these and they are much more difficult for him to work. He's only gotten out once and I suspect that's because I hadn't closed the door securely.