Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweaty sweet summer

 Enjoying a nice 90 degree day here in the Bend,
 filled with several 20 minute outdoor spurts for the girls,
 (I am a little hyper paranoid about sun burn)
 And putting Mike to work on our dinner.

He worked hard on perfecting his grilled chicken today putting together a crazy brine to soak it in prior to grilling

I have to say that this was honestly the BEST chicken I have ever tasted in my entire life. Mike was pretty proud -rightly so- and showed it by asking me a few questions while eating, like: "Did you know that chicken could be juicy?" and "Is it possible that chicken can be too juicy?".

It may be the case I am notoriously the very worst cooker of chicken on the earth, it usually ends up being something like the consistency of a dog bone and all parties are chewing on it just about as long as a dog would a bone. This, on the other hand, had more flavor than I ever thought it was possible for chicken to have, and I am advertising for no one, except my culinary genius of a husband.

Maybe one day I will share is secret, but I must consult the master first.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Great, now he can cook chicken every time!

  2. I like Colleen's idea! Also I hope the Chicken Master will feel like sharing his secrets! David insists on being called "The Master" when he's driving, especially if I express any nervousness. It's pretty hilarious...he's always kept me safe though!