Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Saturday Morning Rescue

Filling in the weekend blog gap this morning with the most pointless of all posts ever in the history of all things.

We were having a pretty typical morning here at the Hahn home: wake up way too early with Bernadette, make her lay with me for way longer than she wants, finally drag myself out of bed to get coffee, make everyone breakfast, force them to eat it, turn on a 20 min video to give myself a brief spell to pull it together, shower etc.

But then this morning I felt something that I haven't in a while: motivation. I started exercising a teeny tiny bit again around 20 weeks and decided to make it a goal to do at least 5 minutes of Jillian Psycho Michaels a day until the end of pregnancy. That is the main workout that got me back in shape after Bernadette was born and I figure since we can't afford any other form of physical recreation for me (other DVDs, the gym, babysitter so I can run), then this would also need to be the means of losing baby weight after this baby is born.

Cue totally pointless picture to break up the text. 

The problem with this plan is that Jillian is physically shocking to do if you have never done it before or if you take a nice 9 month long break from her like I was starting to do. So I thought that if I kept her in my life even for just 5 minutes a day she would be less shocking when I got around to working out again post 3rd baby.

That goal went down the drain very quickly with the combonation of being pregnant and her being the worst, most annoying thing to look at daily especially when you are just continuing to gain gain gain wieght. At least if she is helping you lose weight, the results make it worth your while. So some time ago I decided that I didn't care and would not be inviting her into my days until after this baby is out.

The end.

You wish.

This morning I had a sudden urge to do some strength with Jillian.
I am sorry, who the hell has that sudden urge, ever? SO I suited up in my tightest, least flattering work out gear ever, grabbed the old lap top only to realize that the DVD was not in my computer, where it lives. It doesn't go anywhere else.

Where, oh where, could it have gone? Well then I realized that I had thrown out a random paper CD case yesterday while cleaning the kitchen. "Why would Jillian be in that case", I thought to myself. Some time ago I put that random CD in my computer to rip it and put Jillian in the case with the intention of putting her back into my computer right after I ripped it.

But then I forgot. And I threw her away. Up I ran to my garbage can to rummage through and find her. I saw the case, completely soiled with day-old-coffee grounds and other unmentionable liquids, I reached into the case and gingerly grabbed the disk out, which had oh-so-fortunately been unsoiled by the liquids.

Here is a triumphant picture immediately following the finding:
I can feel your excitement from getting to see an early morning, makeup-less, messy hair picture of me. I am glad you like it.
Then I sat down, put the DVD in my computer and decided to document the story instead of actually doing the workout. Maybe later, I don't know. That is how Jillian would have wanted it.

Moral of this story: Jillian will never let you get away from her.  
And you can blog about virtually anything.

Have a better Saturday than you are having (it can't be going very well if you just read all of this)


  1. I will comment because yes I did read all of it and it kind of makes me want to go get my own copy so I can get back I into working out too...kind of

  2. I have two Jillian DVDs. Sometimes, I work out with the sound off. Because she's just that annoying. And mean.

  3. I laughed through this ENTIRE thing. You're on fire, woman!