Monday, August 20, 2012

Out of the mouth of Naomi

Sometimes Naomi makes me crazy, but for the most part she just makes me laugh.

In response to saying that she needs to go to the Dr. for a check up she said: "No, no, I have been feeling fine! But, sometimes my knee gets all muddy and bitter and then I get a sunburn."

Gosh, I hate that.

We were chatting post-naps the other day and she said: "Mom, I saw a picture of batman in line at the coffee shop! I could look at the red box when we go to the store and we could get it. Ok?"

She really has no idea who Batman is.

Naomi and her BFF, James. Definitely some sort of future there.

And the other day after hitting me with a little stuffed ball and saying "hey!" to get my attention, I asked her not to hit. She said: "I'm not hitting you, I'm just beating you"



  1. Some of my favorite posts are the ones of what kids say. Naomi sounds hilarious!

  2. Who is that boy in the last picture? HILARIOUS!!

  3. Hahaha "I'm just beating you"! Well in that case, Naomi ;-). Thanks for sharing the laughs!