Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick ones

1: I was all set not to do a quick takes because I was sitting peacefully on the couch eating hummus with my eldest, but then I thought of my streak of not missing them for the past several weeks and decided to wipe the hummus off of my face and get it the heck together.

2: Here's a photo I snapped post-hummus eating, a more legit 30 week pregnancy picture, sans brown sweat-shorts (sorry gentlemen)
always-there glasses glare
3: Have you ever had cinnamon chips? They are my FAVorite thing to bake with in the fall (I know it is not yet fall, but it is starting to feel like it and a large, hot pregnant lady can dream). They go perfectly with pumpkin and are just delish. So once I'm done here I'll be off to make some oatmeal cinnamon chip cookies, because I LOVE this weather and I LOVE cinnamon chips. Has there ever been a more pointless Quick Take? No.

4: Mike's been very sweetly building super-awesome Duplo "castles" with the girls. He was really confused when I told him how sweet it was that he was building with them the other day-- because he is mostly building them because he enjoys it. When he was done building this one, this is what he said:
"Honestly, it's the color coordination that I'm most impressed with. That and the feat of engineering that it represents."

5: There is a baby next door crying that I keep thinking is Bernadette waking from her nap- it is really wigging me out, especially since a baby does not actually live there (I think it's their grandson, let's hope). I just needed to waste another take.

6: The small, sleep-stealing females were up once again at 5:30 on the nose today. Thank you to all the lovely ladies who gave me advice and encouragement yesterday; I am going to go ahead and stick it out because they love being together and they stay in the room. Loudly. But they stay there.

7: I must bake- no more pointless life details for you today, you're welcome.

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  1. You look FAAAAANTASTIC!!!!!! I don't want to hear anymore "boo-hoo" pregnancy blah blah blah from you. You really are all belly and you look awesome!

    And I'm kind of impressed by that Duplo castle as well. He doesn't mess around!

  2. Love the 30week belly! You are all baby! Btw, my hubs builds structures for his own enjoyment out of my kids' blocks. I suppose it's a win-win situation...they get to play with him and he gets to be a kid. Something they can all enjoy!

    God bless you!

  3. You are a gorgeous, fabulous pregnant woman. Fer realz!

  4. When the blocks come out and the boys get me to play, I have frequently started a building project with them and then 30 minutes later find myself happily playing with them while the boys having moved on to something else.

    I think sticking out the room-sharing thing is a great decision. They'll get the hang of it and will settle into a better routine...and it's nice to cram as many kids into one room as possible so their takeover of the entire house isn't so complete!

  5. That is a really cute top for the official 30 week pic! And I really don't think that building things could ever be not fun, but maybe that's just me.