Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Check it

When Mike returned, very sweaty, from an hour or so of playing racquetball by himself the other day, I asked him how it was. He said: "It was good. But they didn't have any racquetballs, so I just had to pretend." They did have racquetball balls.

I asked Mike if he could switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer before he went to bed on Friday night. He said: "Sorry, I'm Shomer Shabbos" (language warning: nsfw, or littles).

After watching me carry over the same gigantic basket of laundry the next day, Mike said, while sitting on the couch watching college football: "Oh sweetie, don't worry about folding that.... I'll have the girls do it" (he did end up folding it later that night).
Quipped Mike in response to my picture-taking on our date: "We were having a moment. Now you've ruined it."

While out to dinner the other evening, I asked the waitress what the "legendary margarita" was, before she could answer Mike said: "They're the ones you heard about in stories when you were a little girl." No laugh from the waitress. Loser.

After a listening to a long stint of me complaining about how uncomfortable I am and how I don't want to go anywhere during the day, let alone move at all, and how I am so sick of being pregnant and huge, Mike said: "You better be careful or you're going to end up like the mom from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?", only angry." (He was kidding. I think.)


  1. I agree, it's funny! The picture+caption gave me my morning laugh...that and the fact that david got called back at the doc's and the nurse didn't know he wasn't the right patient for like 10 minutes. . .

  2. Awesome :) Oh...and that margarita looks yummy!

  3. ...David always says the same thing to me whenever I pull out the camera during a family moment.