Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gestation Station

I used to think that "nesting" did not exist, or that if it did, it was not a phenomenon that ever came close to me. I think I was just lazy. I am still lazy, but I cannot fight the urge anymore. So I guess I've changed my mind.

The great thing about it is that there is always something else to do. Every little stupid thing that I always said didn't matter to me to do around the house matters now and I must do it, or at least I know it is there to do in the next few weeks. Magic erasers are the best ever.  Organizing is like crack for the great with child.

Nesting never ceases to let me down. I think this will only last until the baby gets here and then I will start to see all my hard work fall apart before my no-longer-nesting sleep deprived eyes.

So that is my excuse for not blogging all week, that and trying to be a great good decent mother to the girls and feeling all emotional that it isn't going to just be the three of us home all day anymore.

On a good, related note, I asked Bernadette today if she was ready now for baby Lucy to come out-- her previous response had always been "no"-- and she finally replied with an excited "yes".

So with that, here are some pumpkin pictures.

Oh Naomi.

I have even fulfilled my pumpkin carving duties in the spirit of nesting.


  1. I too am a big fan of the magical eraser!

  2. See with my third I didn't have nesting. I just sort of sat like a blob in the kiddie pool all summer and let the kids pour water on their mama orca. But guess what happened? And I only warn you about this because this is your third. My nesting instincts kicked in right before I gave birth. As in an hour before. I cleaned every surface, every child, every article of clothing in the house and then laid down on the couch in absolute shock. How could I have been that productive? Well, then all the sudden the mother of all contractions came. And they kept coming and about an hour and 15 min later my husband was abandoning the car in the hospital driveway. My husband's worst fear almost came true, because we almost had that child in the car. She came out like a rocket and I had my first accidental natural birth. 3rds are fast. Just watch out!

  3. Lucy?!?! Baby Lucy is who we're waiting on? Do you know how many pregnancies I've tried to get Ken to agree to a Lucy? Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I tried to get him on board with a Lucia that we'd call Lucy. But always a BIG FAT NO.
    So I'm glad I can soon (soon!!!!) get my Lucy fix via you.

  4. yay! i've been checking thinking "did ana have her baby!!??" haha... you are so smart to take advantage of the urge to nest and spend time with your girls. i am so happy bernadette is ready for lucy =). i'm not gonna lie, i'm in a kind of emotional mood for the last few weeks (extra so) and i might have almost cried when i read that. so cool. anyway..hehe, i hope you continue to enjoy this nesting time and i can't wait to hear more!

  5. I was laughing at the pumpkin picture and the girls in sweaters. Down here in the south, you can't carve pumpkins until the week before Halloween, or you have a big, rotty, moldy mess on your front porch. And we're still wearing shorts.