Friday, October 12, 2012

Triumphant, quick return

1) Well, I took a week off of blogging. I'd like to say that I "unplugged," like so many of you good folks do, to recenter myself. However, that would be a lie. I was still reading all of your blogs, checking facebook 145,678 times a day, and keeping constant tabs on my email in case any one at all from the outside world contacted me.

2) No, the reason for my absence is this:
My children went crazy. I believe the term Mike used for them all week was "batcrap"-- replace the italicized word with the good old fashion expletive, it is much funnier.

Just last Friday we were at a friend's house for dinner and I was going on about how great the girls have been, playing so well together and how they have really turned a corner, blahblahblah. BAM.

They stopped. Stopped liking each other. Stopped liking not to scream. Stopped liking to wear pants. Stopped liking to listen to me or Mike, ever. Stopped all things good. They just stopped. It is possible that the friends placed a inadvertent curse upon us as we were sitting there bragging- I probably would have done that, too.

And I am not going to say that things have gotten or will ever get better. You will never hear me say that out loud.

3) I honestly blame the hormones- I think the girls can smell the crazy. Things are feeling a little bit too much like this:

I am now a full 38 weeks pregnant and have approached a place of despair and sad acceptance that I will really and truly be pregnant forever. While I was complaining to Mike yesterday about how awful it is, he said "Well, I wouldn't discount the possibility that God has has it out for you" (he always knows how to put my overly dramatic whining into perspective).

4)  Luckily I had some diversion this week in the form of Grace visiting the Bend for a few days and paying us a lovely visit. I contemplated putting Sebastian in my pocket (or a large duffel bag) and bribing Julia with copious fruit snacks to please stay with me, then stuffing Naomi and Bernadette into Grace's van. But my girls didn't have pants on and were running too fast around the house for me to catch them, so I decided I let her keep her kids. We didn't get any pics of the fun times, probably better for the overly-pregnant/crazy members of this household.

5) In other good news, I finally found some pumpkin spice creamer at the store yesterday. The taste of my coffee in the morning has universally been making me sick- no matter how "good" the coffee or creamer is. However, this morning, once I stirred in the pumpkin-y goodness, the clouds parted and I actually enjoyed something, I mean, my coffee.
and the world is now right
6) I am going to do a quick, shameless plug my for sister's etsy shop with this take. She makes fantastic, adorable cards for holidays, birth announcements or any occasion. Her Christmas cards are especially cute, check her out:
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7) I think we may attempt a trip to Notre Dame this afternoon to get the full band experience. I am hoping it will kick me into labor- I hope that about everything. Although it may just terrify the child and make her want to stay in forever. We'll see.

Have a fab weekend and click over to Jen for more!


  1. love the picture of lighting-struck bernadette and love pumpkin spice creamer! last year around this time, the first trimester of the buns made me want to gag every time i smelled the stuff which was so depressing since i had waited a whole nine months for it to come out again only to have my taste bud dreams smashed...

  2. Oh noooo! The sneak attack child craziness is the worst! I thought you must have been delivered and livin' it up in the hospital, you know, enjoying some peace and quiet and getting served food you didn't cook. Soon enough. soon enough.

  3. Oh pregnancy. It really is the worst. You are SO close to done though!! That is awesome you got to hang out with Grace. I have daydreams of all of us bloggers meeting up at some point. Without ANY of our small children. Wouldn't that be glorious???

  4. We're hoping to come put to Indy this summer to visit friends, I'll have to take you out for a drink because by then you won't still be pregnant, right?????

  5. So happy the band inspired Lucy to come out and play! And thanks for the link ;)

  6. I definitely think the end of pregnancy is the hardest part. (Aside from the morning sickness of the beginning of pregnancy...) I hope the rest of your pregnancy passes by as smooth and quick as possible!