Friday, October 5, 2012

7 quick takes: Friday to Friday

Joining Jen and many others for some takes to fill you in on another always titillating week. 

1) I ran/walked Cari's virtual 5k using a method recommended by a friend a while ago to run for 30 seconds/walk for the 30 seconds... And didn't die!!!

2) We took the girls to play racquetball on campus, aka 10 minutes of letting them run around holding racquet's as big as their little bodies.

3) Celebrated a feast day with pie and delicious chicken, in reverse order, and a birthday with donuts and pizza (both of which I already posted about, cheater cheater....)

4) Watched the debate. LIES. No, I didn't. I was a champion and went to bed at 7:40 that night, but I've watched this a bunch of times, which I am sure is oodles more entertaining:

5) Turned 37 weeks pregnant yesterday. Not bad. I will spare you a photo, you are welcome.

6) To cope with the above listed, I took the girls to the mall today to eat my weight in the largest soft pretzels round these parts... I will again spare you the photo (imagine a large pregnant lioness feeding on her prey)

7) And watch them play on machines that you are supposed to pay for but we didn't.

I am really sorry if your heart stopped briefly whilst reading the excitement that is the life of this SAHM. That is what you get yourself into here.


  1. Everytime a post from you pops up, I think "Oo, she probably had her baby!" I guess 37 weeks is a little early. It just seems like you've been so close for so long! I'm only 25 weeks but I feel like I'm 35 - heh heh. Don't we all?

  2. Love the update! I'm almost 33..and it's starting to back into slow mo ;) that video is HILARIOUS! I made ben come over and watch it. hehe.

  3. Hurray for being full term! The end is near! I'll be praying the next few weeks go quickly for you :)

  4. Holy cow. I'm going to tell you something that maybe you won't even believe: That is the first bad lip reading video I've ever seen! I know!

    OMG, btw, that baby is going to be here NEDAY (thought I needed a third shorthand thingy. Did it work?)

  5. okay ana, i know you're only 37 weeks ('only' might be unnecessary) and as much as i really do want baby to come full term, can you just have this little peanut already? i'm dying to virtually meet her!

  6. crap. now I want a soft pretzel.

  7. 37 Weeeeks!!! yay!
    Oh my laws, that BLR video... bahahahaha!!
    Totally impressed with your full term 5k. Way to go!

  8. I definitely did not watch the debates, either.

    And I love that kids think those ride toys are so much fun and they don't even know they move if you put money in!

  9. Ha! That video is hilarious! We actually made it through part of the debates, but it wasn't nearly that entertaining. And here's to you for actually working out. I could barely force myself to walk at a fast clip, let alone workout. You have my respect...:)

  10. You ran/walked at 37 weeks preggo? You're my idol.

  11. Ditto everyone above. I am in awe of your physical prowess. Will you be my trainer?