Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Takes

Joining Jen and the Takegivers for some post Thanksgiving quick takes.

1) I am currently polishing off the very last sips of wine that exist in our house, which is a serious problem. A new realization: I heavily rely on wine to get me through the first few months postpartum. That may be why I feel like things are going so well...

2) Also, I am dipping pieces of turkey into gravy and eating it like it is chips and dip.

3) We spent Thanksgiving over at my sister's boyfriend's sister's employer's house. Oh, did you not follow that? Sorry. Read it a few more times and you'll catch up.
The sister + an awkward hand quickly taking off glasses
Wiith the BF whose sister works in South Bend. Trying to help you put the pieces together. Because you care.

So, my sister's boyfriend's sister is a nanny for a local family who is maybe a little bit more well off than us and since they were out of town for T-giving, they let us celebrate at their home which meant...

4) A TV the size of our nursery wall:
Mike said: "I would hug it if I could actually get my arms around it"
 5) And toys that the girls will be dreaming about for many T-givings to come:
Bernadette feeds Superman at the posh kitchen set that is nicer than my real kitchen.
6) And this is how we spent the better part of our afternoon:
7) Go ahead and judge all you like. Even after majoring in catachetics  at FRANCISCAN University of Steubenville I did not change my decorating-for-Christmas early ways and I probably never will.

Happy Holidays party people.


  1. I like decorating early too, even though we always got the,"It's not really the start of Christmas season until Christmas," talk, growing up..Lol.

    I also need large amounts of wine to function. Drinking now. No worries.

  2. My husband refuses to get the tree until after Advent starts because he doesn't want it dying and the needles falling off before Ephiphany. Totally pragmatic, not at all theological. Because he's super fun like that.

    Yay for wine!

  3. Hey decorate early all you want. I totally would too, if I was motivated enough...

  4. We have a fake tree, and it's ALWAYS up on Black Friday. It just makes up more in love with Jesus, I think.

  5. That TV is huge!!! Holy cow! As far as decorating early, I am not sure what we will do. We tend to slowly add over the course of the month, but the tree gets decorated Christmas Eve. (But we had a hard time finding a tree that late last year..)

  6. Haha--I am wondering if this is the same house I nanny-ed at for a very brief time (that's another story =)). It looks strangely familiar...except perhaps Dora the Explorer would have been on that giant TV. was there also a gym adjacent to this room? Lol...I could be wrong. Just looks so similar! Looks like it was fun =)