Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sights and Sounds

Oh how different the holiday-time is once you have several needy albeit cute young ones afoot. I don't even remember what I did with my time before having to change endless diapers and monitor profuse cookie/candy finding/eating. I think it involved something called "relaxation"... ??

Nevertheless, there are lots of great moments in the midst of the chaos (I especially like this one where all 3 girls are napping and I am SITTING on the couch, only coffee could make it better, but that would expend too much time and energy, just like this sentence). Also, I should shut my Christmas-pie hole and not complain since I've gotten more sleep during these travels than I ever do at home, thanks be to the best MIL in the world.

Ok, here are some things I've seen and heard thus far this season:

"My baby pooped again" -Naomi and Bernadette on rotation
Apparently more fake babies=more fake poo
"Lucy pooped through everything again" -me and Mike on rotation
Apparently more real babies=more real poo

"Oh my goodness!" -Bernadette
To everything

"Please sir, could I have some more food?" -Naomi, when she got caught coming out of her room for the 8th time at bedtime last night
I don't think she needs any more.

I hope all you sick ones feel better soon, I've read way too many posts about sick moms and babies- the worst ever. I am super grateful that we have dodged the stomach bug bullet so far- KNOCK ON WOOD.

I'll leave you with a regular sight from our temporary home here, which overlooks all of glorious Steubenville and catches a pretty sweet sunrise every morning.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Aaah, kiddos really do make things better, even though you are usually more exhausted.

  2. That photo of Lucy cracks me up. Miss you guys!