Saturday, December 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday-ish

1) In order to not feel like the biggest "7 Quick Takes" failure in the world (I am), I have decided to still write some even though it is no longer Friday. Not even close.

2) I feel it is my moral responsibility to humanity to share this recipe with anyone who has not heard of it.
photo&recipe credit
Think rice crispy treats only with oreos. Now go do.
It is also my responsibility to my ever expanding mid-section to stop eating them. It helps that I ate them all.

3) Along with eating ridiculous amounts of sweets and drinking even more coffee, we were finally able to get a little time with some more of the girls' cousins on my side of the family. The skies opened and unleashed quite the dusting a few days ago and provided Naomi a splendid opportunity for sledding with her similarly aged blood relations.
she's the one with the pink pants and NON snow-light-winter-jacket. #badparent

And me the opportunity to take pictures from inside while drinking coffee and eating sweets with my sisters.

4) The other half of the cousins were too fond of the warmth to slide down a snowy hill with freezing cold wind and wet flying in their faces and so stayed inside to enjoy Little Einsteins and french fries. The life.

Bernadette was among the warmth lovers.

5) We watched Brave last night, which I went into wanting to not like and I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. Why did I want to not like it? I don't even ask myself those sorts of questions anymore. I would let Naomi watch it, but I think she needs to be cut off from all forms of media entertainment for her own good. Which brings me to my next take.

6) I was rather disconcerted the other day when I overheard Naomi making up her own versions of the Nativity story. She was given a Melissa and Doug Nativity set for Christmas and has been setting it up and what not. Completely innocent right? You would think. Then I heard this:

"Mary decided that she did not like Joseph anymore and sent him away. Then the wise men came and congratulated her"

I then found the Nativity set up like this:
Yes, that is a wise man there with Mary...

"Days of Ours Lives in Bethlehem"?? I do not want to know.

7) As if anyone needed further proof of my completely inept teaching-slash-parenting. This would be exhibit Z.

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  1. I seriously just laughed out loud to number seven. As the Nativity Turns sounds extremely dramatic. It's ok, I finally got my daughter to stop referring to her baby brother as her "cousin", so there's worse parenting out there. Don't you worry.

  2. My son thinks he might be a truck. Don't worry. None of us are very good at this.

  3. Hahaha that is HILARIOUS...let me know when you find a media detox program for 3 year olds. A few months ago Ava told me "your face is hurting my eyes!!" which I later found out she was parroting back from a COMMERCIAL for that Disney show "Good Luck Charlie"...maybe it's just time to become Amish or something.