Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Further Proof That I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

As if I needed it.

Almost 4 years of ex-utero parenting under the ol' belt and I still stand back and look at myself in awe: did I really just engage in a conversation with Naomi about death at 7:30 a.m., before digesting even a drop of caffeine? Yes.

Did I really engage in that same conversation with Bernadette, the 2 year old, at the same hour, with the same negative amount of caffiene? Yup.

And did I decide that today would be the perfect day to experiment with what it would be like to take all three girls to Mass by myself? After all, how was I to know that it was an all school Mass with the foreign priest you can't understand but who still gives 20 minute long homilies for daily Masses?

Then did I let Naomi and Bernadette walk up unassisted to get ashes and in the communion line?
Yep, they're plenty capable of that

And did I further proceed to let Naomi try to go to the bathroom by herself during the same Mass only to realize that she cannot even open the 2 ton door by herself, so the kind lady who teaches her catechesis class had to rescue her and escort her to the bathroom?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Did I watch the two of them gallivant outside, Naomi holding a wooden stake and Bernadette sucking on a the dirtiest piece of ice I've ever seen while they drag the slide into the grass and knock it on it's side, then smile and wave from my warm indoor perch and get back to eating my lunch? Of course. 
I hate the cold

What the heck is wrong with me, you ask? When will I ever learn to keep my mouth shut until the morning chemicals have done their job? When will I learn to keep my children safe inside the home until they know how to wipe their own bottoms?

I am beginning to think the answer is never. I will never learn. Rather, I think I am getting dumber as the years go by and as more babies are birthed by me.

There is just this voice inside me always chanting "Do it! You've got this! No one can keep you down!" Who does this little voice belong to? Shouldn't I be concerned that I am hearing voices? You don't hear voices?

Whatever, I am going to go ahead and plug ahead this Lent and probably try to do way more than I am capable of and fail miserably as that seems to be the only course that I follow as a mother.

Happy ash Wednesday!


  1. hahaha! I often end up saying to myself "seemed like a good idea at the time...."

  2. You're getting smarter! You're letting them learn to be independent. It's amazing the things I let my younger ones do that I would have never done with the older ones.

  3. Oh Ana, now you're acting like a veteran mom! Good for you!

  4. Sounds like you're doing pretty good to me ;-)

  5. I do just the same things. So I hope it's not a badge of terribleness :)

  6. Man, I need that voice. Mine says, "Eh, it's not worth it. Go sit back down."

  7. My oldest (who's five) walked home from the play centre wearing a plastic flowerpot on his head and I was just grateful he wasn't eating ice from the side of the road again.