Friday, February 15, 2013

Lent and babies: the quick takes express

Hopping on the quick takes express with Jen and the rest, because it's Friday and I'm breathing.

1) Just to let you all know I will be keeping the Cabin Fever Link-Up open for about another week, as long as I can get into the linky form and extend the close date a little. If you haven't linked up, you should and if you're not going to to you should at least head over and check out the different crafts that have been linked-up, they are sure to inspire even the un-craftiest person.

Also, just know that when I get done with those of you who are linking up:
What does that even mean?

2) And further more, when will I stop with the SNL cowbell skit references in regards to the link-up? I suppose when the link-up is over, but maybe not even then. If you've never seen the skit with Will Farrell and Christopher Walken, your life is not complete and you should go watch it, or part of it, HERE right now.

3) Mike and I had a romantic date night last night consisting of Dominoes pizza, with all three children, trying out Bernadette in a big girl bed for the first time, and a viewing of the movie Prometheus. Because nothing says "I love you" like a robot performing a cesarean on a women to remove an alien baby. Bernadette did a fantastic job and I really loved the movie.

4) Speaking of perfection, I will go ahead a include the resident 4-month-old (today!!) who, after recovering from a little sick spell, has returned to sleeping alllll the way through the night. So long, in fact, that she is not waking me up to nurse, I am waking her up due to, um, discomfort. She may not be rolling or sitting up or really doing anything but eating and sleeping- but she is SLEEPING! And I know it will not last, so at least I can come back here and recall the awesomeness I once knew. Also, her hair has still not fallen out:

5) I was not going to include anything involving what I will be giving up for Lent on the blog, mostly because I'm not really giving much up, but also because then when I fail it will be all the more painfully obvious. But since Jen asked, I will post in for all the world to know about, which will hopefully serve to hold me accountable (or not).

6) First, I will try to smile. That's right people, it takes that much effort. It's not that I'm not happy, it's just that toddlers stress me the heck out. And hormones be making me real cray cray. And that combo leads me to my next Lenten effort: trying not to raise my voice, which is already going horrible awry.

7) And the last 2: no clothing shopping and a daily chaplet of Divine Mercy with the girls between 3-4 each day. No shopping is going fine, um it's 2 days in to Lent, give me time to fail. But I am pretty sure that as we got started on our chaplet yesterday around 5 p.m., it sounded a little some like this: "Eternal Father - DON"T TOUCH THE CANDLES- I offer you the body and blood- MOMMY CAN I HAVE THE RED ROSARY I REALLY WANT THE RED ROSARY- soul and divinity- NO BERNADETTE IS HAVING IT- of your dearly beloved Son- THEN I'M NOT PRAYING-our Lord- YES YOU WILL- Jesus Christ- I WILL NOT UNLESS I HAVE THE RED ROSARY- in atonement for our sins- DON'T THROW BOOKS AT THE CANDLE, BERNADETTE- and those of the whole world- I'M NOT PRAYING" Ok Naomi.
So yeah, Lent is going to be awesome.

Happy Friday party people!


  1. As always the pictures of Lucy are absurdly adorable! Also, when Ben and I talked about Lent the other day and he asked me what I was giving up (and the answer was "nothing") I ended up crying.... Yep, I'm a saint in the making!

  2. Sounds like great ideas for lent. praying with kids when they are little can be really super hard--sticking with it though will be great. I've tried to do a decade of the rosary with my 4 year old every night and he's finally able to say it without having to pee or ask for food.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Lucy has SO MUCH HAIR!

    I, too, woke up last night before the babies did (their Valentine's gift to us was 7 and 9 straight hours of sleep (theirs), which gave us 6 uninterrupted BABY-FREE hours of sleep TOGETHER IN OUR OWN BED!). Thankfully they woke right after I did, I was rather uncomfortable as well...

  4. 1. I love Lucy's hair!! So stinkin' cute. My kids are bald fo-rev-er so I have a bit of hair envy each time I see an adorable baby with a full head of hair.

    2. I don't smile either! Maybe I should take your example and try. My hubs actually made the comment the other day that I used to be more relaxed and fun. I reminded him that was before I homeschooled and had a newborn and now I have a bit more stress. :) I did attempt to be happier-looking for five minutes though.

    3. Your Divine Mercy chaplet cracked me up! I find my kids like to follow along to the EWTN version that we have saved on the DVR. They get to watch TV (which doesn't happen often) and they are then more apt to follow along and say the prayers (with Sr. Faustina herself! In cartoon form!)

    4. This is nearly the seven quick takes of comments. I'll stop now.

  5. Lucy's hair is so amazing.

    A pat on the back for your Lenten resolutions. No shopping for clothes would be a very good idea for me, too.

    My Lenten plan involves speaking nicely, especially to my children. By the time we got through all our morning dramas of breakfast, showers, backpacks, etc. and into the car on Ash Wednesday, my tongue was practically bleeding from needing to bite it so often!

    I love coming here. You are doing an awesome job, Ana.

  6. Is it okay if I start Lent late? I'm so behind.

    And I'm so glad Lucy is sleeping for you! Her pictures are precious.

  7. My Lucy's hair never fell out. She eventually had a mullet I somewhat reluctantly trimmed when she turned 1. And we do "Bible time" in the mornings and it is exactly like that.

  8. Ugh. I gave up shopping and JC Penny's had leggings on sale for $3. Lent Fail.

    Also, Lucy's hair. I don't even know what to say about it. It's amazing and adorable.

    And, I tried to link up to Cabin Fever, but it turns out that when I transferred my blog to Wordpress, all of my pics in my craft posts got deleted. That's not fun.

    So, instead, you need to teach me how to crop the neck off a turtle neck and I'll post that. You know, teach me when you have between alien c-sections.

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  10. We entered "big girl bed world" over here last weekend and its going (surprisingly!) well! Hope things are going well for Bernadette and you, too!

  11. #7- I definitely remember growing up with some prayers like that. Cracked me up to read it! :)