Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It snows and I sew

Or something like that.
The last time I decided to revamp an old maternity clothing item into something wearable it was snowing, so I am sort of establishing a pattern. Or not.

Since today is the last day of the Cabin Fever link-up, I thought it would be good to sew something in its memory.  Also, I had an idea in my head to turn an old, thrifted motherhood maternity dress into a skirt that I could wear now and told the kids to try to stop me, I was on a mission.

Here's the victim of my shears:
It really doesn't get more awkward than this, I don't think: the dress itself, the fact that I am photographing myself in the bathroom, in front of the shower, the way I am standing, the look on my face, etc. But I found the awkwardness of the photo fitting since it is- or was- the most weird fitting, unflattering dress in all dressdom.

So I wanted to make a skirt out of it while keeping the band right under the bust because there is a tie in the back that I thought would be nice to have for my ever growing, then shrinking, then growing, then shrinking again figure.

First I laid the dress out and hacked off the top, but left some extra fabric to fold over and sew onto the little seam on the inside:
1- the little seam 2- the sad remains
Actually first I had to thread the bobbin, and my hand was attacked by a vicious, albeit super cute, teething baby:

Once I pried my hand from her amazingly strong jaws, I folded the fabric down and sewed it to the seam:
and was able to keep the tie in the back:

Then I cut off a little of the length so as to be able to wear it with my fav boots, but then ended up liking it better with the shorties. Ok, I did not love it with either, or really at all, but it is an improvement on the sorry excuse for a dress.
And shazam:
With lots of text and explanation, in case you are drunk in the middle of the day

And I went against my instincts and took a picture with the turtle neck tucked so you can see the little band, although you can't actually see the tie in the back, but I think you'll live.

Ok, you can't even see the band. Also, I realize that the steps I laid out don't really make any sense, and neither do the pictures, but I tried-- this is why I never try to do tutorials.
That's all I have for you today.

I will be announcing the winner of the Valentine's Day Cabin Fever Creativity Link-up and Giveaway tomorrow, stay tuned!!


  1. This is awesome! Great color.

    Also, you made me laugh! I needed that. :)

  2. That color is really pretty on you!

  3. So cute! Love the short boots, tights, whole ensemble. You go girl!

  4. Definite improvement, well done!

  5. I like it! Especially with the brown boots, love when brown and black are mixed successfully.

  6. So cute!! I wish I could sew. Looks great with both sets of boots!

  7. Awesome job on this. I love your resourcefulness. You look great.

    Also, I'm hanging my head in shame that I never managed to finish my project for the link-up. I feel like I owe you an excuse note!

  8. It turned out so cute! You are amazing. and brave. I'm always too scared to cut stuff up.