Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I Said Sunday (also what I wore)

Raise your hand if you said the following things today to yourself or another:

1) I'm going to go in there and bust some heads

2) You only need pedialyte if you're throwing up or have diarrhea

3) Are you making fireball tireball** scream?!?!?

4) I will have a chocolate chip cookie for first breakfast

5) Your behavior before the cow has woken up has been deplorable!

Imagine I am raising my hand

Sunday morning found these kids sitting, jumping, stomping and rolling on all my buttons since well before the sun was up.

But then the sun came up, I drank my coffee, and things got better.

But not good enough for everyone to venture to Mass together so me and Lucy had ourselves a little Sunday date to the Church where most everyone wears jeans, which meant.... drum-roll please.......

I got to wear my liturgically correct purple Lenten pants!!!

I also wore them on Ash Wednesday and loved every second of it.

And as proof that I am not a total idiot and did wear a little bit more than a long sleeved shirt out in the 20 degree weather:
Some puffer action.

It was also a monumental Mass day because for the first time Lucy did not score high on the good behavior charts but rather spent most of the Mass doing a border-line angry but mostly just annoyed squawk that meant we were walking in the narthex most of the liturgy. Love the word narthex so so much.

Toe to head:
boots: thrifted
Pants, shirt & scarf: Target
Vest: Woolrich @ Gabes for less than 10

FLAP yourself silly.
** fireball tireball is Naomi's self-named favorite stuffed dog.
Yes it is the weirdest name ever given to a stuffed animal in the history of stuffed animals.


  1. Love this outfit and this post. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

  2. 1. Love that scarf

    2. Love that you own purple pants!

    3. Love the stuffed animal name - I think our most unique stuffed animal name is "Baby Unicorn" for (wait for it) a very small stuffed unicorn...

  3. LOVE the liturgically correct jeans! Great color!
    Wish I could do the "puffer vest" without looking like a puffer fish. sad face.
    I want to live in your house...sounds like fun!

  4. CUTE outfit! I love the scarf!

  5. I love reading things you never thought you'd say until you became a parent. So funny.

    I was just saying this morning that I need some colored jeans- and seeing your outfit today convinces me even more!

  6. Love the liturgical correct pants and the word narthex. Maggie named her stuffed elephant shu-shu at about 15 months. At least you know how to spell fireball tireball!

  7. Your kids had the pre-dawn shift this time, but I will be sure to write what I hear myself saying the next time my kids have the early shift.

    Great outfit!

  8. Are your arms crossed because you're cold or trying to show us how mad you were? ; ) The outfit is fantastic (scarf is fab), and you sound like a great mom. Humor helps us to stay sane, doesn't it?

  9. Purple pants love.

    I said this two times today before Mass: Stop eating out of the garbage can!

  10. Lent Pants! They're like couch pants but So. Much. Better.

    Can we talk stuffed animal names for a sec? A sheep mother with a lamb child- Frankie and Frozen Ice Cream. Not even joking.

  11. I really, really miss Gabes!! That puffy vest is great. Love your earrings too!

  12. Your earrings stole the show here, but I love that neutral top (you are looking so so slim!) and there is a special thrill to wear the liturgical colors, isn't there?

    We are so totally cabin-fevered here, and I think we set a record for tattle-taling today in our house, so there were lots of variations on #1 said and thought around here today.

  13. Love, love, love the purple pants, and your vest is the perfect extra layer! As much as I've wanted to permanently ditch my coat in favor of a puffer lately, winter continues to foil my best look great, Ana!

  14. You seriously look amazing, Ana! No kidding..I'm impressed...I'd dare to say being a Mother of 3 is your best look yet =)! In response to the last post I wanted to also say that I am still reading!! Comments have fallen by the wayside with getting used to being a Mom, but they'll be back soon! All that just to say, it's worth it to keep up with your blogging--I really enjoy it as a friend as well as just a person in a similar time in my life!

  15. I've been reading your blog for awhile now but wanted to comment to say 'hi'!

    Yay for the liturgically appropriate pants! If I go to mass on Saturday, sometimes I try to wear a Marian blue piece to celebrate Mary (especially if it's a first Saturday). I love it when I actually remember to make that happen.