Friday, May 24, 2013

the most pointless seven ever

Joining Jen and the coolest ones for some Friday quick takes.

You can file these under "more crap you never knew you didn't care about"

1) Mike wrote a lullaby while we were dating in which he turned his parents' nightly blessing into a little song. This was in my mind one of several signs from God that we were meant to be together, because at some point I said that I wanted the man I married to write our kids a lullaby (I do not need to be reminded of how absurd that is.) I really love it and always sing it to the girls when they're babies.
2) Even though I love his, I've been brainstorming about another one to sing to Lucy and it came to me: Baby Mine from Dumbo! It is such a sweet little song and never mind that in the movie his mother is rocking him from her prison wagon and not allowed to get out to see him and it's pretty much one of the most depressing scenes in a movie ever. Never mind that. I love it.

On to more important things.

3) Mike found the girls a perfect little "school table" at the Notre Dame surplus store for $10 yesterday (!)  Which is a store with exactly what it sounds like-- the surplus items that the university gets rid of after they buy new stuff- it is fantastic because the stuff they get rid of is also pretty much "new". After I saw Heather's school table, I went a'searching at thrift stores and on craigslist for one similar but for preschool and was not finding anything. Then Mike saved the day as always with this puppy, which is not actually being put to use the way I wanted it to be:

Good thing it's just preschool.

Oh, sorry, did I say important? I meant to say UNimportant.
Here are some more...

4) I am leaving tomorrow for the glorious town of Steubenville, Ohio for my little sister Christina's wedding shower. Me and Lucy will be driving with said sister and her fiance so that Mike has a car to get around with the girls in. I am a wee bit nervous since on our less than 2 hour trip to Kalamazoo, Lucy screamed the most blood curdling awful scream for what felt like hours, but the trip was less than 2 hours so I think it was actually only 20 minutes. What the heck is it with babies in car seats? I'm bringing the old breast pump (or cow milker, as I described it to Naomi, which is still better than breast pump- ew) and hoping that constantly shoving the bottle in her mouth will work to keep the 6 hour drive from being too hellish. We shall see...

Lucy is already up from her first nap and it is only 9 a.m. Need more coffee... I must go on...

5) Speaking of Lucy, she is still really sweet, but she just hit that phase where she wants to be held all the time, but only by ME. If I quickly set her in a room and run away she will sometimes stay content for a bit, until she sees me, then she starts expressing her disapproval of being anywhere but at my hip.

What's that you say? You'd like these to be even more pointless?

6) How about this weather!? South Bend is the most confused city there ever was. Seriously. It is May 24th and the heat kept coming on last night, and our heaters are really loud, which kept me from falling back asleep after nursing Lucy at 4:30 this morning, which is my excuse for how pointless, poorly written and stupid these quick takes are...


7) And now I will spare you all anymore eyes-burning-from-boredom quick takes and end it.

Right now.


  1. Leo woke up from his first nap at 9 am as well. By 10 am I had already finished a full thermos of coffee.

  2. So glad I'm not the only one who hates Dumbo for the depressing factor...that scene with the clown makeup and ring of fire is so killer! But I agree that Baby Mine is such a sweet lullaby =) Have fun at the shower and good luck with the youngins!

  3. Love #1 as I too imagine my husband playing guitar and singing to our children WAY early in our relationship.
    Good luck with the car trip and have fun this weekend.

  4. I love Baby of Mine as a lullaby. I've been singing it for years! Well, about 4 years.

    Alison Krauss sings it so well, if you're looking for another version. It doesn't bring the scene from Dumbo to mind quite as vividly. :) Max won't even watch that scene, poor emotional little guy!

  5. Mike has a wonderful voice! What a beautiful lullaby.

    I also sing the Dumbo song (though I think Alison Krauss, too, and not the sadness of Dumbo). A friend on FB once proudly wrote that his beautiful wife sang Tantum Ergo and the Salve to their babies. And I was all like, I sing a Bob Dylan song to mine. Boom #losing!

    (But Corinna Corinna by Bob Dylan really does work well as a lullaby. I've sang it to all my kids, swapping out the name Corinna for their name.

  6. Dumbo is the best darn movie on the planet! Also, I frequently laugh at my homeschooling area. Right now it looks like a tornado hit it!

  7. My best friend's baby (and my sweet godson!) is 8 months old and she's going through the SAME thing. He screams every time she puts him anywhere for the briefest second, as if she has ignored him for hours. It's driving her crazy. If she leaves him with someone, he's fine as soon as he can't see or hear her. But if he knows she's there, he inconsolable until she holds him again. And I LOVE that scene from Dumbo. Best ever.

  8. Right now "The Muffin Man" is what gets the twins to calm down... And I'm a music teacher, I should have them BEGGING me to sing all classical, all the time! But nope, it's muffin man all the way :P

  9. I LOVE that you husband sings to your kids, what a wonderful memory they will have of that! Oh, Dumbo, really, why does it make me tear up every stinkin' time?? How was your trip to Steubenville??? I miss FUS so much - those were GREAT days!!

  10. New to your blog! Love your kids Catholic names :)