Wednesday, May 29, 2013


That's short for Crisis Management Squad (because I love the old Office).
We've managed the crisis, sort of.

Last Friday as I was preparing to leave for my little one-baby vaca to the Ville for my sister's shower, a terrible event occurred: my precious black Macbook, which Mike handed down to me a few years ago, and which I have taken so many of my favorite photo booth pictures on, and also uploaded every picture for the past 3 years onto- including the births of all three of our children, died. Or at least it's heart stopped beating, though there was still some faint, sporadic brain activity, we could not open anything, and most of the time couldn't get it to turn on.
Sister and bride-to-be with her God daughter during our road trip, stolen from FB because I can't upload any pictures yet

Needless to say this threw Mike into a black hole of time sucking attempts to fix it, or at least salvage all of my irreplaceable pictures, which were backed up absolutely nowhere. And it turned me into a computer-less, internet-less, practically pioneer wife and mother who spends her days doing things like reading, sitting and playing with her kids and even being... wait for it... productive! I know, it's shocking.

We had a small miracle take place yesterday though, where after a ridiculous number of attempts to just get the computer to turn on and failing, or getting it to turn on but then having it be totally frozen in a semi-awake computer coma where you can't do anything at all-- it turned on and acted normal just long enough for Mike to pull any stuff that I needed off of it and then.... it went back into it's coma. It was really crazy, but we are really grateful that I did not lose many years of memories captured through digital pictures and a weird number of selfies and outfit shots, because those really are irreplaceable.

This was great and I was so happy, but I still had no computer- I hope you're understanding the gravity of this situation- it was just unacceptable. I was going on several days of almost no email checking, facebook meandering, blog reading, blog writing, checking, astronomy picture of the day perusing, over-informing you all about my time in Steubenville and how Lucy did on the drive, etc.

Completely unrelated- here's today's picture of the day, since I hate word-heavy blog posts
And I found myself starting to twitch every third word I spoke, running from one end of the house to the other, and knocking on my neighbors' doors just to see what they are wearing today. Also, I never exaggerate. You can hashtag #firstworldproblems all over this mother, but the problem still remained this morning when I could not start my day with my standard email/facebook/blogs lineup whilst I sip my coffee and self-talk myself down from my crazy cliff. I need social media, people!!

But all is well now as we were able to recover my old computer, which we had lent out to some friends a couple years ago when I inherited said dead Black Mac, may he RIP. Yes, it may be an iBook G4 hailing from the early 2000s, but I am typing on it and it allowed me to do all the Internet things that my little over-socialized heart desires.

And now I can breathe and my children can have their old mother back.
If you'll excuse me, I have some links from my little sister to watch now that I am back to surfing my beloved world wide web.


  1. When my dad comes to visit, he refuses to deviate from the morning routine he would observe while at home. He gets up, gets coffee, reads the paper (which means that while at my house he has to throw in the added step of driving to the gas station to GET a paper, since hello? print media is dead), and then, ONLY THEN, will he interact with people.

    We don't even try to break him of this habit.

    Which all goes to say that people get very firmly entrenched in their morning information gathering routines (even Baby Boomers bitterly clinging to their Old Guard newspapers), and to find yourself unable to complete your routine is a psychologically uncomfortable experience- first world or no.

  2. I've been there, done that, more than once! You would think I would have learned to back up my pics more often after the first time it happened. My favorite computer guy was always able to salvage my pics and important docs and transfer them to the new computer. My daughter's birth and baby pics are on some zip drives that I'm having problems getting to...I keep looking at the back up CD's thinking "I need to get around to that" (the computer died when she was a few months old and she just turned 5 YEARS old in March). I excel at procrastination.

  3. We are dealing with laptop trauma at the moment too. Not pretty.

  4. You poor, poor soul. I wish I was kidding...