Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Father's Day Miracle!

Shout out to Sarah for the blog post title!

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First and foremost, before I get to the miracle of this father's day or the Mass grab, I want to give a big happiest of Padre's Day blog shout out to the three fathers in my life.

Uno: The man who helped make me.

Dad, you are the most generous person I know, you have a spirit of self-sacrifice and cheerful giving that always astounds me and inspires me. Thank you for being a phenomenal father, wonderful father-in-law to Mike and a world-class grandfather to our children.

Dos: The man who helped make my man

Dad Hahn, you are the father of the love of my life, an incredible provider on the material, but more importantly the spiritual level, to your children and to me and my own children. You are one of the most paryerful people I have ever met in person and you constantly make me want to be a better person. Thank you for being a great friend, father, father-in-law and Papa all at the same time.

Tres and most importantly, the man who helped make my kids, my best friend and my love.

You are just amazing. I never could have fathomed what an incredible father you would be, but I should have known it would be great when you blew me out of the water as a husband. You give and give and then give some more. You uphold our family with your prayer for us and love that is constantly sacrificing. Thank you for being the best friend, husband and dad ever.

Now on to the miracle of the day: amazing kids behavior ALLLLLL day. (I am totally jinxing myself since it is now bedtime, the bane of our existence, and I am sure they will exhibit their misbehaving abilities to keep us in check) Regardless-- we had a fabulous morning with Mike full of pictures colored, letter written:

Dictated by Naomi

And "German pancakes" made. They are the exact same thing as crepes, but in the Hahn family they will only ever be referred to as "German pancakes" and if you call them "crepes" Mike will glare at you. Also you are basically expected to only eat them served with strawberries in a delicious sugary syrup, though I prefer to inhale them lathered with nutella or with chocolate chips, but then Mike glares at me some more (all in jest, I think).

But the biggest miracle of all time was their Mass behavior, with no additional extended family with us, and for no apparent reason except that it seems as if the girls don't actually hate us, they were SO amazing.The whole time, all three, A+++'s all around.

And last and certainly least, here is what I wore:

I am kind of a liar and never actually made it out of the house with the blazer on, but it was a part of the intended Mass outfit, which was just this:
Blurry and awkward as always, just like me.

Happy father's day to all you dads out there, keep on keeping it real!


  1. I want a blazer just like yours! I'm just too cheap to shell out for one yet. But they are on my wish list! Glad the girls were so good for you! Even if bedtime is horrible, you can savor all the good moments leading up to it! :)

  2. YAY for miracles. Let's hope the miracle continues and you get an amazing night of sleep. You look stunning in your outfit, Ana!

  3. Awe, your beautiful Father's Day tributes make me feel really dumb for my rambling post about nothing. Beautiful!

  4. Excellent tributes with photos!
    Great outfit!! Yay for happy well-behaved girls!!

  5. LOVE love love your top and blazer! Naomi is hilarious. I'm glad y'all had a good day!

  6. Awe, you look so beautiful!! It's so good to see photos of Dr. Hahn lovin' on the babies!! We were so blessed to know the Hahns during our short time at FUS. My sister lived with them for two years while at FUS, and I helped Kimberly clean house for one year. Dr. Hahn was one of my husband, Steve's, favorite professors!! He always used to joke around about being the only uncatechised farm-boy to survive Hahn's masters classes!

  7. What a beautiful tribute to the Dads in your life, and you look gorgeous as usual. Back to strict point counting for me this week - ugh!

  8. Definitely love your blazer, and the whole outfit is so cute. That's awesome your girls had superb all- day behavior!

  9. A Father's Day miracle - love it!

  10. I just love reading your blog. You look great in a blazer!

  11. Even though your outfit was a lie, I embrace it and like it a lot :-)

  12. Love your outfit!!! With or without the blazer :)