Saturday, June 29, 2013

Seven from Steubenville

So happy to join Jen for some Saturday quick takes from the land of charismatics and graphite

1) Not having my own laptop with me is proving to be more difficult while vacationing than I thought, although it has been kind of nice, in a way. If by "in a way" I mean "not at all". I had 6 typos in that last sentence from trying to type on a different keyboard. And loading pictures without my trusty Picasa program is no walk in the picture loading park, so here's one that I took on Mike's Photobooth:
Third cup of coffee today, such is life on vacation. Or every day if you are me.

2) As the girls slumber, I am sitting at my perch gazing out upon the glorious view of down town Steuebnville and the brownest river water you've ever seen:

Thinking about booking your next vacation? Think Steubenville.

3) We have finally been reunited with Mike after his week of Theology"Summer Camp" as he and his studious pals call it, and we are ever-so glad. Although I think Mike is ever-so shocked at the results of my free-range parenting principles ,which I adopted during his absence. We are slowly reintroducing discipline, rules, and all around order, which they are not all that happy about.

4) At least we have one kid who hasn't lost all her sense of decency.

Seriously, she slept from 6:45 p.m. to 5 a.m. and then on until 7 this morning night, while both of her older sisters kept one or both of their parents up for no good reason throughout the night, they could really stand to learn a thing or 100 from her.

5) My mom makes occasional purchases at various garage sales of novelty items for the kids to incorporate into their play, amoung them is this rather terrbifying life-like wanna-be-taxidermy cat. I found them playing the other day with him and a fellow terrifying baby doll.
So scary.

6) One day I'll blog about something worthwhile, until then head over to my old college buddy, Allison's new (or new to me) blog. I love discovering that old friends are also a port of the blog world, Allison was a great friend and even a bridesmaid in my wedding, she is so funny and always has lots of way more insightful stuff to say than me. Head over to read some.

7) Mike and I are planning a date night which will hopefully happen soon- maybe even tonight!!! I am kind of short of breath just thinking about it, so let's hope that it can actually unfold. Any fun ideas? Who am I kidding, we could sit in our van, eat Cheetos and watch a movie on our VHS player and I would be in no-kid watching heaven. Oh how the standards have gone down and I love it.

Head over to Jen's for more!


  1. We just went on a VERY exciting date to drink margaritas and eat ice cream. I highly recommend springing for the jumbo-sized margarita ;)

  2. I would love to go to Steubenville for a vacation!! ;)

  3. and the picture of the girls with those toys is awesome.

  4. lol that doll and that cat are indeed scary - never thought of Steubenville for vacation... if we didn't have an infant who hates her carseat with a passion that would be a fun trip ;-) Our last date night was about 2 weeks ago and involved going to Bonefish Grill (and a lovely glass of wine). I got to wear a dress and jewelry and I didn't have to worry about any kiddos damaging either one! It was awesome!!! btw your little one is just adorable!!!

  5. That orange and yellow doll high chair - I had one just like that growing up! And now my kids play with it when they're at Grandma's. :)

  6. That top pic of you? You hair is glorious! Love :)

  7. ;) oh, how i remember that muddy water. also- def. the top vacay spot. cheers. have fun!!!!

  8. #5 I don't know how many times I have to say to my mom, "Just because it was $1, you didn't have to buy it!" I'm convinced there's no one else on the East Coast with as many ratty Barbie dolls and Happy Meal toys as my mother. But thankfully she has steered clear of any taxidermy. Tell me one of your kids didn't want to snuggle up with that creepy cat at bedtime? My kids always get attached to the toys I worry about being possessed.

  9. Holy moly....I literally shuddered when I realized that cat is not alive. And then add that freaskish doll to the mix? Waking nightmare! Woo hoo!