Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life Lessons

Some people really like to "unplug" and pull away from all their various forms of social media for certain lengths of time to just sit, read, meditate, have real life conversations, etc... One of those people, I am not. I mean, I love real life conversations and I would never substitute those for a blog post or facebook commenting and I don't even subscribe to the Twitter or do any Instagramming, so really I am not even that plugged in, but my chord is tightly plugged into a few things that I do so really enjoy, namely this blog. I can't stay away.

And since I keep looking at the post from the other day thinking "really, Ana? you wrote a post about how your kids don't sleep well while traveling, like you are the first person in the world whose kids didn't sleep like angels while in a different state, house and bed? Really?!" So I have to get something else up here so I don't have to stare at that whiny piece of non-internet worthy crap I called a blog post. Self deprecating enough? I hope so.

Here are some lessons I am learning while traveling with an extra child in tow sans husband:

* Babies much prefer random household items to play with in their car seat over stupid plush, squeaky baby toys, making me very grateful that I packed a door stop and a talking Homer Simpson beer bottle opener for Lucy to have in her car seat.

Side note: I hope it's ok that Lucy heard the mantra "Alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life's problems!" chanted to her from her beloved beer bottle opener roughly 30 times on our trip here because she was really happy.

 * You can find lots of workout videos on You Tube, even some Jillian, if you stupidly forgot to bring any of your own. I loved this one. 

* The good children of Little Einsteins make great babysitters for said workouts.

* Children function much better when you let them do whatever the h-e-double-tooth-picks they want.

* The energy acquired from a child ingesting mostly ice cream and multiple Popsicles lasts much longer if you continue to give the child more ice cream and Popsicles.

*  Children know and readily take advantage of the fact that there is only one parent on duty, particularly if that parent is the much less scary pushover mother.

* Yelling something repeatedly at your children in what you think to be a threatening voice to try to make you seem like the scary disciplinarian does not actually work.

* If you ask the child's grandparents to give them the very same order that you just gave and were totally defied over, the child will listen and obey in the most docile of ways. Great. No, really, it's great.

* Babies are better than toddlers.

* A glass of wine a day keeps the Psychotherapist away. So does a husband.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love this...haha! Very relatable! Your posts are so funny! :)

  2. Love that last picture! Lucy looks ridiculously happy. What cuties.

  3. Such cuteness! Glad you are finding your footing parenting solo while away from home.

  4. This is the one that is Sooooo true at our house these days: * Children function much better when you let them do whatever the h-e-double-tooth-picks they want. - and Paul knows it and takes complete advantage to the max.

  5. Well, you've convinced to run out and buy one of those talking beer bottle openers for our upcoming car trip. LOL

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  7. You kids are so cute... Our youngest operates much better when she is allowed to push chairs up to cabinets and pull flour out and dump it on the floor. She gets really indignant when I try to set limits, like.. oh you know.. not letting her drink out of the toilet.

  8. Been a long while since I checked in, but I am still here and enjoying ALL your posts. It's hard work, but you are doing great, and I think it's hilarious that she loves the bottle opener, and they do like real things better than toys almost all the time.
    Hope you're having fun at home!