Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen for some Friday quick takes!

1) Praying for Dwija, her family, and the repose of the soul of sweet baby Nicholas this week.

2) Yesterday and the day before were both nap time-less days for me and it was r-r-rough. I am kind of a nap time addict, and when it doesn't happen- especially when I am not the one dictating that there will be no nap, I unravel a tiny bit to a lot.  Yesterday it was dictated by me so that Mike and I could hang out in the evening without having to put the girls back in their beds anywhere from 10-50 times. It worked and it was awesome.

3) A few weeks ago I wrote about how attached I am to nap time and got some great responses, which I never thanked all you kind readers for- THANK YOU! Responses that made me feel less a little less crazy for being  a tad anal over it all. One that really intrigued me was this one from Kat:

I was obsessed about getting my first 3 kids to nap together until the oldest was 6. Then I just got tired of enforcing it, and realized all 3 (3 was the youngest) could make it without naps. It was kind of freeing to just give them screen time and an early bedtime.

I did exactly what she said yesterday with the intention of bedtime going faster and it was easy and kind of freeing. There was no dealing with melt downs at the sound of me saying "it's nap time" and a movie worked like a charm for them to zone out and they were re-charged when it was over. If only Lucy had been compliant and napped while their movie was on, it would have been just like nap time every other day for me.

As easy and common sense as that all sounds and is, I still really love them being in their rooms, and it is a huge bonus if I know that they are not awake and physically able to ask me for things. I don't know where I am going with this, but it is getting rambly and long and I am getting on my own nerves so I will just stop.

4) Since Mike and I had a legit chunk of quiet time last night, we were able to watch a documentary on Netflix called "Hot Coffee", about what really happened in the McDonalds hot coffee law suit and other civil suits- I know it sounds suuuper exciting, but it was really good! I will go ahead and call it my political science lesson for the entirety of my life because there were so many things that it taught me that I had no idea about. Maybe I'll just show my kids documentaries all day and call it "homeschooling". That should work, I think.

5) Since Jen and Christy plugged their blogs "About" pages in their takes, I will go ahead and showcase my copycat skillz, I really just needed something to fill this take. It's not actually that recently updated, but I did create it in the past 6 months, so if you're new here it may be new to you, so go check it out if you are very very bored or bedridden.

6) Um, we're just going to skip this one

7) I have a big head and bad eyesight which makes going out in the blinding sun difficult for me. So here is my question for the reader: get prescription sunglasses or a sun hat? Sun hats usually make my head look more ginormous than it already looks and prescription sunglasses generally look kind of lame, or least the one's I've scoped at do. Also RX sunglasses are a wee bit pricey for me and I could get a cute sun hat for 15 bones at Old Navy. I cannot wear contact lenses, so regular sunspecs are out of the question
Tell me what to do and I will do it.

That is all I have for now. I am hoping to join Jen in her every day blogging challenge, because the webs definitely need more of my writing. I think I'll kick it off with a real nail biter about Lucy called something like "The Onset of Sass" or "How Hahn Girls Stop Being Sweet and Start Screaming". The title is a work in progress, but rest assured it will be the best thing you've never read.


  1. I stop all my kid's naps at around age 3. For me, I would just rather keep them up, power through the afternoon and put them to bed really early nice and easy and quick. I find that more freeing, as I hate to be stuck at home or have our activities constrained by naptime.

    1. I am the same way. My kids go to bed while the sun is still up & I love it! I am so done by the evening. Thinking about postponing bedtime an hour or two later, if they napped, gives me heart palpitations.

  2. My BFF from highschool's dad (is it easier to say someone I know) is a frames salesman. He gave me the idea of using a pair of old frames that I like and getting them tinted for sunglass use. It's allegedly fairly cheap and way cheaper than new lenses with rx. I never did it but I think about it alot when I'm wearing glasses in the crazy bright sun in Phoenix AZ. If you do it let me know how it goes

  3. I used to wear contacts until my eyes got too dry - and I would only wear them when I needed to be outside, so I could wear sunglasses. About two years ago (when I stopped with the contacts), I did spring for prescription sunglasses and, let me tell you, it's totally transformative!! I love mine - they are super stylish and cute - and I can actually see!! I got them at Lens Crafters, where I get my regular glasses. They have a huge selection. Mine are these: Love them!!

  4. At Walmart and other places they have sunglasses that go OVER your regular glasses, covering them. So, you look like you have cool sunglasses while paying $10 for the faux fabulosity! Really, no one can see your other glasses!

  5. Regarding #6, how do you even know if you're losing followers? I'm impressed that you have 164 known followers, and probably more through systems that don't show up on your blog page. I've only got 11 followers that I know of and 3 of those are family members who I'm pretty sure don't even read my blog.

  6. I'm with you on the followers thing! I admit that when one goes, I just figure I've bored them to death. Though there was one time that I think that I actually DID offend someone. Felt bad about that one. Whenever I follow a new blog, I always choose "follow anonymously" at first, because that way if I end up not sticking with them, I won't be the cause of the angst.

  7. Oh Ana...this is funny, because I was just going to blog about this subject! But because I never find the time anymore, I'll say this here: I.HAVE.BEEN.DOING.THE.SAME.THING and it works like a charm. I was putting my middle child to bed (or fighting him, more like it) for up to two hours a night. Finally, my mom dropped the hint that maybe he wasn't tired. He was getting too much sleep in the afternoon. SO, now, I either don't let them nap or I let them nap for an hour only...and then get them up. I have seen both actions work beautifully! It is so hard not to have complete quiet and/or sleepy time in the house though, that I dislike.

  8. I have no advice about the sunglasses v sunhat debate, sorry!

    But if you're ever in the mood for another excellent Poly Sci documentary then try to watch Inside Job. It's narrated by Matt Damon and excellently filmed & researched. It's not even remotely boring and will give you an insight into why St Fancis equated money with flies ;-)

    Pax :-)

  9. I put off getting prescription sunglasses for years, thinking it wasn't worth the money. But once I finally gave in, I fell in love with them instantly. I definitely wondered why I hadn't gotten them sooner. Of course they are awesome in the summertime, but hey are even helpful all year round if the brightness really bothers you.

  10. I know I'm late to this party but Meijer optical center sells prescription sunglasses (frames and lenses) for $99. Still a lot of money, but not as much as other places. I bought myself a pair and gave them to my husband to wrap up for Mother's Day, because that's how we do gifts now isn't it sweet? They get used a lot at the beach and playground obviously but I really needed them for driving. Love them.